What is the Peak Time to Fly Internationally?

To help millions of travel aspirants, we have come with the cheapest days and months to fly internationally. In this regard, we have made a comprehensive research on different routes, different trip lengths, and different regions, especially the destinations of the United States and Europe. Our study comprises unique flight combinations for various departure and destination city across the globe. The results we have presented here are based on more than 500 air groups that are serving overseas destinations. And yes, the dates or months for booking cheap flight booking will depend on several factors.

What are the general rules to find cheap air tickets to overseas destinations?

Book your ticket on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays if you are looking forward to booking cheap tickets for any United States destination. For the Asian destinations, midweek flights are considered as the cheaper options. However, comparing non-stops with connecting flights, finding out short-haul flights, finding out hub-to-hub flights, avoiding the significant holidays, and flying during the winter months or weekdays are also considered useful tricks of booking cheap flights. You will keep getting the updates for the cheapest fares if you have followed your preferred airline company of social media platforms. Else, you can prefer to make a live chat session with the ticket booking officers of a particular airline. It will also help you in knowing the cheapest days or months to fly.

What are the cheapest days to fly internationally?

January 29th 2019 will be the cheapest day to fly in 2019 if we consider the worldwide destinations; whereas 30th January will be the most reasonable day to fly the destinations in Europe and 22nd to 30th January will be the cheapest time to fly the destinations in the United States.

Pre-summer is considered as a peak season to fly the United States destinations. So, the airfare is expected to rise by 20-25%. And the inflated fare will continue in July. If you book your ticket to any Europe destination in late July, you will have to pay at least 50% more than the January fare. So, avoid these periods if you are looking for cheap flight booking.

What are the best and cheapest months to fly the destinations of the United States?

  • February: The fare drop will be visible in the last two weeks of the month. In the case of Hawaii flights, the fare drop will be active from 1st February to 7th February.
  • March: The fare drop will be visible on the weekends. However, the passengers will be able to book their tickets with up to 35% low price on the Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • April: The airfare will be up to 40% lower in the weekend days.
  • May/June: The airfare to all the U.S. destinations will be low throughout the month. It will continue till June 13. Last two Thursdays and Fridays of May 2019 will offer comparatively higher fares. In the case of Hawaii flights, the fare drop will be active on the Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • August: The airfare for the U.S. destinations will be lower from 20th August to 31st August.

What are the best and cheapest months to fly the destinations of South America?

April and May are the cheaper months to book tickets to any South American destination.

What are the best and cheapest months to fly the destinations of Asia and Australia?

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are considered the cheaper days to book air tickets to Asian destinations. However, May is considered the cheapest month to fly any Australian air destination.

What are the best and cheapest months to fly the destinations of Europe?

The airfares will be lower during the winter season as it is a less preferred time to fly. Do not prefer to book your tickets on the weekends of April, because the fare will be increasingly higher. 22nd May is expected to be the cheapest day in May 2019. July is slightly cheaper than late June, while late August to early September is considered as another cheaper season. Prefer these seasons if you are expecting cheap flights booking for a European destination.

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