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Weekend Flight Deals With Flycoair: Cities you should book

With Flycoair, you can find cheap weekend flights anywhere! Free searches and bookings are available on hundreds of airlines and thousands of destinations throughout the world.

Flycoair can take you everywhere from your chosen departure airport. Browse our flight deals or input your travel dates in the search box to have us discover the cheapest flights to wherever you wish to go.

Finding Low-Cost Flights: Tips and Tricks

There are a few additional simple tips that will help you find more offers while you’re searching.

  • Look into nearby airports. For example, Providence, Rhode Island, is only 90 minutes from Boston and has a direct railway connecting the two cities. New York City also offers several airports to select from, some of which are closer to the city center than others. Expand your Search to include nearby airports to see if you can find better weekend flight deals
  • Other dates should be considered. If you have a lot of flexibility, consider searching for an entire year to see which months are the cheapest for specific destinations. Your dream vacation is more likely to become a reality under $100 if you’re ready to vacation off-season.
  • Be willing to travel to new places. Finally, if your final destination is still up in the air, flycoair’s Everywhere Search might help you find flights. Several cities, including those you may not have considered for a trip, will be available within your budget. 

Is flying on the weekend more expensive?

  • Ticket rates for travel on weekends are higher than those for travel on weekdays; this is because most people who travel for sightseeing or official business during the week choose to return on weekends. Similarly, business people prefer to travel during the week based on their needs and return by the weekend.
  • It is recommended that you keep an eye on the announcements of various airlines at various times to book the lowest tickets. You can block an airline’s offer for tickets on sale at a comparatively low price.

Where do we go for Weekend Gateways?

Denver, Colorado: 

Look for roundtrip flights for around $200 on airlines like Frontier, United, and JetBlue, among others, on dates throughout the summer. The best pitch for summer family vacation in Denver is that it’s a great jumping-off point for exploring the Rocky Mountains and seeing untamed nature in places.


Summer in the northern hemisphere means winter in Brazil, yet locals say that’s when the beaches in Rio and others are at their most beautiful. Brazil also has some excellent all-inclusive resorts to consider for your family’s vacation. For example, for peak summer travel to Sao Paolo, has seen fares in the $300 to $400 area from Miami and many other Brazilian locations.


Families seeking inexpensive flights to Alaska from West coast hub cities like Seattle should be on the lookout for fare offers this summer, with Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines fighting on the low fare front to destinations (Fares from Seattle are expected to be in the $200 to $300 range.) Cheap flights can sometimes be found in East Coast cities like Detroit and Minneapolis, so be sure to cast a wide net when looking.

Puerto Rico:

With peak-season return flights from numerous U.S. cities at $200 to $300 (we looked at Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Dallas), now is the best time to visit Puerto Rico. Fly into San Juan, and you’ll be on the beach in minutes at the Isla Verde and Condado resorts or out exploring the ancient streets of San Juan’s old town.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

If you’re looking for cheap flights to Fort Lauderdale this summer, keep an eye out for JetBlue, United, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. We’ve found flights for under $200. Flying to Fort Lauderdale gives you easy access to all of South Florida’s highlights.

Is Sunday the worst day to purchase flight tickets?

Domestically, business travelers leave on Sunday to get a head start on the week or leave early Monday morning. Because business travel accounts for a large portion of domestic air travel, it’s easy to see how these travel patterns would increase demand and consequently higher pricing on particular days of the week. It’s time to head home on Sunday and prepare to return to work on Monday. So this might be the reason that the airlines increase their prices on Sundays.

Do flight prices go up on weekends?

When airlines try to boost rates, there’s no notice. Domestic airfare hikes occur around once a month on average and more frequently during better economic times.

The majority of domestic increases are implemented by carriers during the weekend due to the low amount of shopping, as even a $1 raise will put them on page 20 of comparison shopping results.

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