Upgrade Air India Seat To Business Class

Know all the essential details about upgrading a seat on Air India

Are you flying with Air India and looking forward to upgrading your seat? Many times it happens that a passenger who has an economy class booking with Air India decides upon upgrading to the upper class. Air India provides a reasonable seat upgrade facility to the passengers who are willing to experiencing a luxurious journey with them. More precise details related to the seat upgrade on Air India are as discussed below.

What are the different methods to get Air India seat upgrade?

Air India offers the seat upgrade service to the passenger via different methods that are precisely explained below one by one:

Bid upgrade

  • Bid upgrade is the type where the passenger can make an offer that they are willing to pay for a sear upgrade on Air India
  • Later, when Air India accepts a bid of passenger for seat upgrade they notify them via message

EMD upgrade

  • EMD is an upgrade voucher that can be redeemed by Air India passenger for upgrading seat by calling the airline or at airport

Fixed price upgrade

  • This upgrade is provided by the Air India to passengers based on first come first serve at a fixed price

Know important details about business class upgrade on Air India?

An upgrade means when a passenger who has booked a lower class ticket is willing to move on the business class for a luxurious experience. Specific details about the Air India business class upgrade are as listed below

  • Business class upgrade on Air India is available to the passengers on first come first serve basis
  • A passenger needs to physically present at the airport up to 1 hour before departure for getting business class upgrade
  • Business class upgrade payment can be made by the Air India passenger at airport or by calling its reservation department
What is the cost to get Air India upgrade and other facts?

You already know that a passenger can get Air India business class upgrade at the airport as well as by contacting then through reservations support number. Now if you are willing to discover the cost to upgrade your seat on Air India, then know it from below: 

  • Seat upgrade cost is 4000 INR for a distance up to 750 Km
  • Seat upgrade cost is 7000 INR for a distance above 750 Km
How does business class seat upgrade on Air India benefits?

When you go for Air India seat upgrade from economy class to business class travel a lot many additional services awaits you there. Business class upgrade of Air India is quite beneficial due to certain reasons as discussed below:

  • Air India business class cabin offers the fully convertible flat-bed seat to the passenger for more comfort
  • Business-class passengers get plenty of legroom space, as well as a personal screen, is attached to the seats for entertainment
  • Air India provides a complete amenity kit to the business class passenger with all essential items
  • Airlines welcome the business class passenger with a pre-departure beverage and the meals are very delicious
  • A business-class passenger also get priority at the airport during check-in, boarding to the plane as well as luggage collection that is quite benefiting

Moreover, you can contact the customer service center of Air India for knowing any more details about a seat upgrade or anything else you want to know.

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