Swiss Air Cancellation Policy 24 Hours | Refund & Fee Info

Acquire Information For Swiss Air Cancellation Policy in Many Ways:

In case you have obtained a refund after canceling a flight ticket online or offline mode you are not able to go for the re-booking process. At this, it will necessary to find out the way of canceling a flight and get the refund and also you must be eligible to re-booking another flight simply.

Swiss Air Cancellation Policy:

A policy is most important to understand so that you can feel free to cancel your flight without facing any challenge. Swiss Air cancellation policy is quite different but still the same; you can cancel your flight within 24 hours before flight schedule. In addition to this, you can simply check out the type of ticket that should be refundable or non-refundable.

Swiss Air 24 Hours Cancellation Policy:

In case you want to cancel your flight ticket online you must know the type of the ticket or check out the correct date and time of the flight schedule that helps to cancel your flight within 24 hours. If you are making a cancellation within 24 hours, you are not required to pay the amount as a penalty. Below instructions will guide you to cancel your flight within a short span of the time.

  • First of all, visit the booking website and click on the login button using the correct email address and password.
  • Click on manage booking tab and enter the flight’s and passenger’s detail and move to the next.
  • Click on the cancel button and select your flight that you want to cancel and press the continue button.
  • Having done the task, check your phone to receive a cancellation message at the end of the task.

Swiss Air Flight Cancellation Fee and Refund Fee (1-802-210-3331):

If you are going to cancel your flight, you have to pay $50 to $200 and for the refund process, you have to pay $100 to $200. So the prices generally depend on the routes and destinations and thus you can simply make cancellation easily.

For more information, you are required to contact customer representatives who will provide you instant help within a short span of the time.

How to Get the Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flight in Swiss Air?

If your Swiss Air flight gets cancelled or delayed for more than 3 hours under the control of Airlines, you can request for the compensation and you might get a good amount of compensation and the vouchers. You need to fill up a form online under the article 7EC number 261/2004 through the website of Swiss Air.

Also, you can contact reservations counter and they will help you in submitting your request and provide you with the reference number for the same. Swiss Air delayed flight compensation and the compensation for the cancelled flight is possible in the following ways:

  • Accommodation along with the food vouchers and the booking in the very next flight
  • Get the full refund for the unused ticket and get additional credit and vouchers as the compensation.

You need to enter your personal information along with your contact information and submit the information and then you will get the option to submit the flight information on the NEXT page. You need to submit the information and you will be notified about the compensation within the next 48 hours through your email or SMS.

If you have requested for the compensation by filling up the form but you did not receive the notification, you need to contact the Swiss Air customer service and get the information about the progress in the process of compensation.

Swiss Air Cancellation FAQs

1. What are the types of Swiss tickets that can be rebooked online? 

  • The tickets for which the payment was not made by voucher or barter. However, in a few cases, the ticket paid full using a voucher can be rebooked. 
  • It is required that the ticket number starts with 724. 
  • Currently, the tickets that consist of single routes can be rebooked online. 
  • The reservations that were cancelled within one day of the booking and booking of the flight ticket were confirmed at least a week before the departure.

2. Which reservations cannot be rebooked online?

  • The booking that consists of the reservations for which the ticket is not yet issued.
  • Swiss flight tickets that have a status other than O.
  • The ticket that does not show any tariff calculation
  • Flight tickets that include reservations with other airlines.
  • Reservations that are the part of the group booking
  • Flight tickets that include special services. 

3. Until what time the flight ticket can be rebooked? 

The minimum period for the rebookings is dependent on the departing airport. So, for the passengers who are departing from Swiss Airport, they can rebook their flight tickets online up to 3 hours before the actual departure. 

4. Why cannot passengers use the same currency at the time of rebooking? 

As mentioned in the airline policies, the calculations related to rebooking are completed based on the currency of the origin city. However, in cases where tickets were issued using different currencies or include different currencies, the online rebooking option will not be provided to them. Hence, in such cases, the passengers can contact the booking center of the airline directly. 

5. Can one add special meals for their rebooked flight?

Yes, one can add special meals for their rebooked reservations. 

6. Are additional passenger details included in the rebooked flight ticket?

Yes, the additional passenger details are added automatically at the time of rebooking. 

7. Does seat reservation is considered at the time of rebooking? 

Yes, the seat reservations are considered at the time of booking. However, the passenger needs to make payment for the fee or contact the service center for more information regarding this. Also, for the seat reservations that are paid in full cannot be reimbursed at the time of rebooking if no seat is available. 

8. Are passengers provided with a new booking reference number after rebooking? 

No, the reference booking remains the same even after rebooking. 

9. Will excess baggage paid in advance be included at the time of rebooking? 

As per the airline policies, the excess baggage paid in advance cannot be included at the time of rebooking. 

10. Are passengers offered a new ticket number after rebooking?

Yes, the passengers are offered a new ticket number after rebooking their flight tickets. 

Customer Review

    • 2020-01-14 04:43:15
    • We are an elderly couple 85 and 83 years old and want to know what the fee for refunding a round trip business booking will be if we cannot fly because of illness or incapacity and must cancel. Was told by customer service it would be $300 and this is what I want to see verified in writing. Thank you.
    • greg rust
    • 2020-04-27 06:24:37
    • We have booked 3 person to fly from Brisbane to Edinburgh return business class on LX9021 depart 21 June 2020. Due to coronavirus danger we would like to be advised the cost of the cancellation fee
    • Amor L. Marcos
    • 2020-05-27 04:30:04
    • Booking # TBBES3: Our round trip flights from LAX to Zurich are cancelled by Swiss Air due to the corona virus pandemic. My husband & I are in our 70s. Please refund the cost of our etickets & reserved seats booked directly through Swiss Air. Total cost charged to our credit card on your file , $3,111.18.Thank you !

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