Sunwing Airlines Cancellation Policy and Flight Change

What is Sunwing Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Sunwing Airlines is a Canadian low-cost airline that was founded in November 2005 and since then this airline company has won several awards while maintaining the excellent services that it provides to its passengers.  The company covers 73 destinations with a fleet size of 18. The company has also been awarded by “Consume Choice Award” in the year 2019.

If you have booked your flight reservations with Sunwing Airlines then you can simply cancel them without any hassles. However, it is important to know about its cancellation policy before you move forward with the decision of canceling the flight. Read this article further to learn more about Sunwing Airlines Cancellation Policy

An overview of Sunwing Airlines Cancellation Terms and Conditions:

Following are the important booking cancellations points to keep in mind.

  • Sunwing Airlines allow you to make cancellations for your bookings before the 24 hours of departure date without charging you with any penalty.
  • Non-refundable portions of the booking literary will not be considered for refund as actual amount but it will be given to you as Sunwing future travel vouchers.
  • You can cancel your flight up to 3 hours prior to the departure date/time of the flight. But once you have departed from the departure airport, you can use this pre-departure cancellation & change policy for making cancellations.
  • Some portion of your refund amount can be credited to as Sunwing future travel vouchers on the basis of the flight cancellations time.
  • Cancellations charges can vary from $50-$250 depending on how many days before the cancellations are made.

How to Cancel a seat on Sunwing Airlines Online?

If you do not know How to cancel Sunwing Airlines Reservations flight then you can follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the official website of Sunwing Airlines.
  • Scroll to the My Booking section on the top right corner of the webpage.
  • Now click on the option and enter passenger’s booking number and then click on next.
  • Enter your last name (if applicable) and continue.
  • You’ll find all the available bookings. Select the one that you wish to cancel.
  • Click on the Cancel flight option and submit the reason for cancellations.
  • Once you have canceled your booking, you’ll receive a confirmation mail on your email address.

Sunwing Airlines Flight Change Fee: A Full Detailed Info

Sunwing Airlines allow the passengers to cancel a booked flight on the basis of the type of ticket. If you want to know the cancellation policy of Sunwing Airlines go through the information given below:

  • You have to pay 250 dollars as cancellation fee when you cancel a booked flight 45 days before its departure
  • You have to pay 30% of the ticket price when you cancel your flight between 44-31 days before departure
  • You have to pay 50 % of the ticket price including tax amount when you cancel your flight between 44-21 days before departure
  • You have to pay 60% of the ticket price when you cancel your flight between 30-15 days before departure
  • You have to pay 100% of your ticket price including the tax amount when you cancel your flight 20 days after departure
  • You have to pay 100% of the ticket price when you cancel your booked flight 44 days after departure
  • According to Sunwing Airlines cancellation policy, the fee for cancelling or changing a flight varies on the basis of departure dates that are the peak
  • The full payment will be due up to 45 days before departure or full payment will be immediate if made within 45 days of departure.
  • Travel related fees and departure taxes are nonrefundable
  • Change in name of passengers is not allowed it will be treated as a cancellation of the booked flight

You can contact Sunwing Airlines customer support for assistance regarding cancelling a flight or any other query you have about them.

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