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Sun Country Airlines Flight Change and Cancellation Policy

Sun Country Cancellation Policy and Flight Change Guide

Sun country airlines are the ultra-low-cost airlines of America headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota. The airline consists of 30 aircraft in its fleet which is used to operate scheduled flight services to over 53 destinations throughout the United States of America including Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Known as ultra-low-cost airline carrier this airline is the best choice for passengers who are looking for comfort along with affordable flight tickets. Although this airline is a low-cost carrier, it ensures to offer full comfort while travelling. And this is the best choice as who does not want comfort at affordable prices. Hence, travelling with Sun Country airline will serve you like the treat while travelling and experience just like home.

With the friendly flight attendants, easy booking process, comfortable and convenient travel, this airline performs its responsibilities to serve passengers in every which way possible. Travelling with this airline will give you a totally new experience and comfort of home on and off the board. Sun Country airline is the customer-centric company and performs such functions that benefit passengers across the world who are travelling with them. Let us study some supplementary service for the passengers.

Cancelling the Flight Easily With Sun Country Airlines

Anyone who is travelling can encounter such unavoidable situations which can lead to disruption in travel. The understanding the fact of the matter, Sun Country Airlines has a very simple cancellation policy. Let us study about Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy in details.

  • If the passenger is cancelling its flight tickets within 24 hours of the purchase of ticket then he is applicable for a full refund provided the ticket is refundable.
  • In case the passenger is cancelling the ticket after 24 hours then he might have to pay flight ticket and other taxes can be refunded.
  • The passenger can cancel the flight either on the airline application or online by the option of Manage My Travel.
  • The refund status and cancellation can be done to manage my booking option of the airlines which is present at the top of the airline's website.
  • If all the refund conditions are fulfilled by the passenger then refund will be provided in 4-5 business days in the source account.

Therefore, with the above crucial points of Sun Country airline, the passenger will not face any inconvenience. Moving further, the passenger may also need to change the flight due to some emergencies. And this situation is also well understood by Sun Country airlines officials. Hence, let us make you aware of the flight rescheduling.

Get the Flight Rescheduled Simply in Sun Country Airlines

If you are travelling with Sun Country airline, then you will find that this airline acts as backbone at every point of travel. Hence, this airline also understands that anyone can become the victim of situations and might require to change the flight. Hence, this can be done easily by following steps.

  • Launch the web browser and go to the official website of airlines.
  • Tap on “Manage My Travel” option available at the top of the page.
  • Enter the booking number and family name and tap “Continue”.
  • After finding the corresponding booking, tap on it and then click n “Edit Booking”.
  • The window same as booking the flight will be displayed in front of you. Skip to changing the flight page and select the suitable flight from the list.
  • Moving further, confirm the changes and your flight will be changed.

Apart from cancellation policy or flight change, Sun Country airlines baggage policy is also a convenient one.

Sun Country Airlines Customer Support

Further, for any issues, the passengers can contact on toll-free Sun Country airlines phone number which is available 24/7. The highly experienced customer support will be delighted to help the passengers in need.

Want to Change Flight Without Paying Fee in Sun Country Airlines? Here is The Complete Info

Change in travel plans usually results in loss of money as most of the airlines charge a change fee for the modification of ticket. If Sun Country airline is chosen for flying, a passenger can surely save the fee charged for changes made in a ticket.

Sun Country airline offers ‘change without fee’ service to its passengers. It helps the passengers in saving in case of any modifications. The important terms of Sun Country flight change are mentioned below:

  • If a passenger change or cancel the ticket more than 60 days prior to the scheduled departure, no fee is incurred.
  • For modification, the passenger has to simply open the My Trips section on the website.
  • By providing correct details, the itinerary will be retrieved and passenger can change it according to requirement.
  • Other than free cancellation till 60 days of departure, the airline offers low cancellations for 59-14 day cancellation. The change fee, in this case, is $50 for one-way.
  • If less than 14 are left for the departure, a change fee of $100 will be charged from the passengers.

To get more info about the flight changes, a passenger can contact the reservations department of Sun Country. To contact them, the official website of the airline can be used.

Customer Review

    • sonu
    • 2019-07-31 04:29:04
    • I canceled my sun country flight reservations on 17th of July, But I did not get refund till now. Please tell me, In how many days I will get the refund.
    • 2019-09-05 11:44:07
    • E-TKT 3377311690283-284 LENA NGUYEN Please pull Res # L9D1G0E3 and see the notes for cancellation of Milagros Gargurevich. She has been deployed by the United States Military to Afghanistan. Attached are her military orders. She is asking for a 50.00 refund for the Sun Country Fees to be applied.
    • Andrew
    • 2019-09-06 04:51:51
    • Please cancel my sun country flight ticket its an emergency service for my wife and I will be staying at home for the help of my wife.
    • Mark Lanners
    • 2019-12-18 04:58:31
    • My wife and I had a trip had purchased a flight to Anchorage February 16th, 2019. to fly out on August 3rd, 2019 and returning to MSP on Aug. 10th, 2019. We had to cancel due to our friends in Anchorage having a family emergency. We had purchase flight cancellation insurance and were charged $350. We now have plans to travel to Anchorage this summer and try once again to see friends. I understand we have 1 year to purchase tickets. Do have to I purchase tickets before February 16th, 2020? I want to fly out of MSP to Anchorage on August 1st, 2020.
    • Stacy Tomaszewski
    • 2020-03-18 06:10:13
    • With the threat of the Cornavirus and the encouragement of the State and Federal government encouraging people not to travel or fly are we able to get a refund on our air fare.I have a flight to Orlando Florida leaving Dane County Airport(Madison,Wi) Thursday April 16th?
    • Maureen Baillie
    • 2020-03-23 10:26:47
    • Purchased round trip to Mazatlán in July of 2019. Leave 2/17/2020 and return 3/16/2020. Got sick and needed to return early on 3/11/20. Sun country charged me the same price as my entire original ticket. Went straight from airport to ER and stayed 3 days. Called SC various times and finally got through. They feel I was priced correctly.
    • Miranda
    • 2020-04-16 06:38:17
    • My boyfriend and I had a trip planned for May and need to cancel our flight due to the coronavirus. Our income has been drastically reduced and we need a refund on our airline tickets in order to pay our bills. Customer service was NOT helpful and refused to work with us during this pandemic. They only offered us a voucher that would eventually expire, how does this help anyone? We simply want our $100 back for our tickets. This is a chump change for a major airline but will determine wether or not our lights stay on. These are unprecedented times and a major corporation like Sun Country showing some compassion for those in need could make all the difference in who will fly with them in the future.

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