Southwest Travel Funds and Travel Credit Uses

Collect Some Useful Information with Regards Travel funds on Southwest Airlines

Southwest travel funds are called one of the special funds usually get issued when you are given a refund credit for your Southwest flight. This kind of refund is totally different from the gift card balances and Southwest LUV vouchers that provide to the passengers. It is also called a Southwest travel credit which is known as annual travel credit that you may get approximately $75 a year in statement credit that you can apply toward purchasing the Southwest flights including airfare, pet carrier fees, and other day-of-travel purchase.

Therefore, if you want to know how to get or use Southwest Travel funds, you are on the best page where you can find the relevant answer to multiple questions instantly.

Question: How to get southwest travel funds?

Answer: When you cancel your flight within 10 minutes to 24 hours before departure, you will get the travel refund including service tax, security fee, and passenger’s facilities charges that you will get in the credit card that you have on Southwest Airlines. You will get the original travel funds on the original tickets that you will purchase in the future.

Question: Where can I use travel funds in Southwest airlines?

Answer: If you have not used your purchased ticket so far and candled your flight it is accepted unused ticketless travel funds for Passenger travel purchased through Southwest Airlines excluding Group travel service. And travel funds redeem would be accepted right after that at This kind of process might be done over a phone call and you can contact customer representatives to get help regarding this soon.

Question: Can I use Southwest travel funds for someone else?

Answer: It is absolutely right that you are eligible to get the travel refund that you redeem without any kind of difficulty to use as unused or cancelled flight reservations. It should be used by the originally ticketed Passenger on those reservations. This is all implies that you are the owner of your Southwest travel funds only which is not allowed for someone else.

Question: Can I use my travel funds for taxes and fees for rewards travel?

Answer: Absolutely, In fact, it is reward travel that is subject to the use of Southwest travel funds in order to cover any taxes and fees.

If you required fixing additional doubts regarding the Southwest travel fund, you should contact our customer representatives who are available every single time.

How to Redeem These Funds? 

  • Well, some passengers have a query on how to redeem these funds? As per the standard policy of the airline, these funds can be used for any of the purchases made for the future travel with Southwest airlines. However,  travel funds cannot be redeemed for Group travel. 
  • Besides, for the passengers who are planning to transfer these funds, they cannot do as these funds can only be redeemed by the original purchaser.

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