Southwest Seat Selection

Southwest Seat Selection Policy: How To Reserve Seat in Advance

If you are new to Southwest airlines and confused about seat selection there then there is nothing to worry about. Read further and you will get to know more about seat policy in Southwest airlines.

What is the Southwest Seat Selection Policy?

  • Southwest has a unique open seat policy that means seats are not assigned ahead of time instead of the passenger are assigned according to boarding group A, B or C  as well as boarding position 1-60.
  • Note that Boarding group and the position will determine when you will board the plane and from how many sets you can choose from
  • Previously the whole thing was applicable and truly free for all. Now the airline has handed out a placard with one of the three letters, in that case, people will line up under the letter, camping out an hour before the flight has to depart, in a way to improve the real state the situation on the flight.
  • Southwest assumed this was not a good idea, and back in the mid-2000s added boarding positions. Now, the lines have numbers and passengers are expected to look themselves out based on their accurate position in line.
  • Until passengers really are dead set on sitting at the bulkhead or want to have an exit row aisle or window, the key to finding a decent Southwest seat assignment on a full flight is to have a boarding position in nearly the first half of the travelers to board.

How Much does it Cost to Select a Seat on Southwest Airlines?

  • The price for the seat is around $30 or $40 per flight that depends on the itinerary. Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards members with A-List are desired status. These members are usually automatically given boarding positions ahead of general boarding. They also board before Early Bird flyers.

These were the basic details and information about the sitting arrangements for your Southwest airlines reservations. If you still have any doubt in your mind about the Southwest Seat Selection fee. You can call the customer care number located on their official website and ask your queries. For more information visit the help desk on the top right corner on the site.

Find Useful Faqs
  • How do I proceed with boarding in Southwest Airlines? 

To get the boarding done you can proceed in two ways. Either online from the official website or when reaching the airport. Also, when boarding passengers are allowed with a boarding group (A, B, C) and a position to identify passengers. 

  • Will I be allowed with a seat?

Being a low-cost carrier, Southwest Airlines has a single cabin and hence offers an open seating arrangement. This means when you are on board you can choose any available seat of your choice. 

  • When should I reach the departure gate when boarding a flight?
  1. 30 minutes before the departure time: Southwest Airlines may begin boarding as early as 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. So, it is always better to reach before the time at the right gate number. 
  2. 10 Minutes before the departure time: Also all the passengers must be available with their boarding passes at the departure gate not less than 10 minutes. If anyone fails to do so then Southwest airlines may cancel the flight. 
  • When should I check-in and will be receiving my boarding pass? 

If you are performing an online check-in then you can start it before 24 hours of the scheduled departure time. And if you are performing an offline check-in then you should not be late than 4 hours from the scheduled departure time. 

  • When and how will I know my turn of boarding?

The agents will be announcing the boarding time and gate. And you will be required to reach the gate and line up based on the boarding number provided.   

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