What's better, Air New Zealand or Qantas?

Before planning any trip, a number of questions are raised among travelers regarding the best Airline to fly with. Now, a list of airlines comes out as a result, but a battle of Qantas vs. Air New Zealand is almost always going on, and picking one of them is not a child’s play. With almost the same services and excellent advantages given by them, it is more or less a tie, but you can avoid these confusions and draw out a conclusion by considering a number of factors in your research. Be it Price, onboard services, staff facility, Seat comfort, services of different classes or any other aspect, go through the given information and choose the best one. 

Which Airline is cheaper, Qantas or Air New Zealand? 

The first factor, which is nearly the deciding feature for any booking, is airfare. With Qantas and Air New Zealand, it is unfortunately not a tiebreaker. So buckle up and read through the given points to get the answer to your question about the cheapest Airline:
  • When you have booked a long-haul flight, you might find Qantas more expensive than Air New Zealand.
  • Qantas may win the race with surprisingly lower prices for a short-haul flight. 
  • In its defence, Qantas has reasoned with high rising fuel costs, which results in higher ticket prices. 
  • These prices may vary according to your chosen destination, time, date, and ticket fare type, leading to ruling out the above-mentioned points. 

Key Differences between Qantas and Air New Zealand

The Qantas and Air New Zealand comparison will not stop at only comparing prices, as there are many other factors, like comfort while traveling, inclined seats, and many more, which will be considered. So, it is better to focus on the prices and the services offered to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Some important factors have been given in detail for your reference, which will help you get the answer easier.
1. Baggage Allowance–
With a ticket from Air New Zealand, you need to buy a higher travel class ticket to add your checked baggage, but you can only do this after paying an extra amount. These Rules, however, do not apply to Qantas, as this Airline allows at least 23 kg of checked-in baggage with every travel class, making it cheaper. 
2. Lounge Services–
  • You will encounter many airport lounges depending on which travel class you choose to fly with. Therefore, the Airline you choose should also be based on the type of services they offer at the airport lounges. Refer to the following information to get an idea of the airport lounge facilities of Qantas vs. Air New Zealand.
  • Air New Zealand is almost always in the news because of its excellent amenities, such as a lounge to help passengers pass their wait time and relax before a long flight.
  • The ratio is mixed regarding Qantas, as this service is only available to specific cardholders. Mostly, only the Platinum card bearers have the authority to access the lounge facilities without paying an extra penny.
3. Comparison of Business Class Facilities–
  • For the “passengers wellness feature,” Business class is added to a number of airlines, including Qantas and Air New Zealand. However, what makes the difference is the type of design, features, and services these airlines offer. So read further and clear out your doubts about choosing the most suitable flight carrier for a perfect trip–
  • Although Air New Zealand offers business class trips to even budget-conscious passengers, it comes with a cost: you must compromise on the design and the onboard amenities.
  • This Airline is flying an outdated sleeper shell, which was designed almost 20 years ago. You will need the help of a crew member to incline your seat for a good night's sleep.
  • The seats are rather comfortable, but a deckchair reclining style needs to be included. 
  • By Qantas, the Business Class will provide you with a deluxe experience. The main motive is to ensure utmost comfort with wider seats surrounded by usable spaces like compartments.
4. Inflight entertainment–
  • One of the passengers' major concerns regarding a perfect flight is the entertainment offered by inflight. From the latest movies and web series to access to all social media platforms, even in the sky, everything should be taken into consideration when deciding between Qantas and Air New Zealand. So buckle up, and before you hit the road, go through the given pointers and compare the features.
  • Both airlines will run side by side in movies or shows.
  • But to stay connected with your loved ones even in the sky, you can only access it through Air New Zealand, which provides free Wi-Fi even in international fleets.
  • For Qantas, Wi-Fi services are provided, but there is no access to the internet if you are on your international fleet level. 

Qantas or Air New Zealand Frequent Flyer Program

Regarding availing of additional perks from Qantas or Air New Zealand, both have advantages, separate reasons for choosing one, and other things. To understand the same better, read the following points; 
  • This Program is chargeable on both airlines, but fares may vary.  
  • On both of these airlines, you can enjoy perks such as food and drinks, lounge access, priority check-in, priority boarding, and more. 
  • You can select the Program from among these airlines: Qantas or Air New Zealand. 

Qantas vs. Air New Zealand international flights

  • Before you hit the road, you must identify which Airline is the best for your International flights out of Qantas and Air New Zealand; kindly follow the points below;
  • Both the airlines are rated 7.8 out of 10, and that's appreciable. 
  • Despite similar ratings, Air New Zealand holds more points than Qantas regarding safety on the Safety and Product Rating Website. 
  • Air New Zealand is more inclined to offer premium services, which makes its services quite expensive compared to Qantas' offerings.  


Both airlines, Qantas and Air New Zealand, are better in their ways. Thus, you can determine which one is suitable based on your budget, preference, pros and cons, seat style, customer service availability, etc.

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