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List of Low-Cost Airlines Fly to Australia with Services

Low-cost airlines in Australia are well-known because of the numerous budget carriers that provide cheaper domestic and international flights. These airlines are known as "low-cost airlines," however, the word can also refer to low-cost flights on established carriers. When comparing the cost of a flight with a low-cost airline to a regular airline, we recommend comparing prices, flight schedules, and the airline's operating airports, particularly the distance from the city center and ground transportation charges. It's also vital to factor in any additional fees, such as luggage check-in fees. Continue reading for more information about flying with low-cost airlines.

How many Low-cost airlines in Australia?

Check out these 5 low-cost budget Airlines which fly to Australia at low prices.

JetStar Airways :

JetStar Airways Pty Ltd, also known as Jetstar, is an Australian low-cost airline located in Melbourne that claims to be "value-focused." It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qantas that was established in response to the challenge posed by Virgin Blue Airlines. JetStar is one of Qantas' two brands, with Qantas Airways catering to the premium full-service market and Jetstar catering to the low-cost market. JetStar transports 8.5 percent of all passengers entering and leaving Australia.

JetStar Airways' fleet of planes:

  • Airbus A320-200 
  • The Airbus A320neo 
  • Airbus A321-200
  • Airbus A321LR
  • Airbus A321XLR 
  • Boeing 787-8 

In-flight entertainment:

The airline publishes an inflight magazine with the same name. In addition, Jetstar was the first airline to offer iPads to passengers as in-flight entertainment devices in November 2011. The gadgets, which come pre-loaded with movies, games, and magazines, are available for a price in Economy Class but are free in international Business Class. Still, certain planes include a seat-back entertainment screen. Customer feedback forms collected by the head office through a random selection method are used to update the options available every two months.

Jetstar's Boeing 787 aircraft have 10-inch seat-back on-demand entertainment screens in business class, while the economy class has 9-inch screens.

Scoot Airlines:

Scoot Tigerair Ptv. Ltd, also known as Scoot, is a Singaporean low-cost carrier and a Singapore Airlines affiliate. It began flying medium and long-haul routes from Singapore on June 4, 2012, mainly to Australia, China, and India. On May 25, 2011, Singapore Airlines stated that it would create a low-cost subsidiary airline for medium and long-haul routes.

A fleet of Scoot:

  • A320-200 Airbus
  • The Airbus A320neo
  • The Airbus A321neo 
  • The Boeing 787-8 
  • 10 Boeing 787-9

In-flight entertainment:

ScooTV, an in-flight entertainment streaming service for passengers, and iPads for rent were introduced by the airline.

Tiger Airways: 

Tiger Airways Australia Pvt Ltd, also known as Tigerair Australia, was a low-cost airline based in Australia. Tiger Airways Australia was founded by Tiger Airways Holdings and began operating in the domestic airline industry on November 23, 2007. Virgin Australia Holdings later acquired it and turned it into a subsidiary. As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, Tigerair halted all operations on March 25, 2020. After Virgin Australian Holdings went into voluntary administration and was eventually sold, the brand was confirmed to be retired by new owner Bain Capital.

A fleet of tiger airways

By March 2021, Tigerair Australia will have retired all 14 of its Airbus A320-200 aircraft and switched to an all-Boeing 737-800 fleet.

In-Flight Services:

  • All passengers on Tigerair Australia have access to the onboard food service. Meals can be purchased on board or in advance, depending on your preference; the menu changes seasonally. In addition, on all domestic flights, Tigerair Australia offers wireless entertainment.
  • Although the airline gives a limited number of movies, music, and highlights for free, travelers can upgrade to premium for a fee. Entertainment may be accessible via laptops, mobile phones via Wi-Fi, and the Tigerair Australia mobile app can be purchased on board.

Virgin Australia:

Virgin Australia Airlines Pvt Ltd, sometimes known as Virgin Australia, is an Australian airline. It is the largest airline to utilize the Virgin name in terms of fleet size. It began operations as Virgin Blue on August 31, 2000, with two aircraft flying a single route. Since then, the airline has expanded to service 33 locations in Australia directly from Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. The airline's headquarters are in Queensland's South Bank. British billionaire Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group) and former CEO Brett Godfrey co-founded it.

Virgin Australia has a fleet of aircraft.

  • The Boeing 737-700 
  • The Boeing 737-800 
  • The Boeing 737 MAX 10 

Beverages and food:

Business-class customers in Virgin Australia were treated to a "sophisticated" gourmet lunch prepared by Australian chef Luke Mangan. This includes a full three-course meal made on board by the staff for lunch and evening.

The airline offers a buy-on-board service on all domestic Virgin Australia flights and serves non-alcoholic beverages to all passengers in Economic Class.

Who is the largest Low-cost airline in Australia?

Qantas airways:

Australia's flag carrier and the largest airline in fleet size, international flights, and overseas destinations are Qantas Airways Limited. It was founded in November 1920 and commenced international passenger flights in May 1935, making it the world's third-oldest airline currently in business. Qantas's name stems from the abbreviation "QANTAS," which stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services. It originally served Queensland and the Northern Territory, known as "The Flying Kangaroo." Qantas founded the Oneworld airline alliance.

A Fleet of Qantas

Qantas and its subsidiaries operated 297 aircraft as of November 2018, including 71 JetStar Airways aircraft, 90 QantasLink-branded airlines, and six Express Freighters Australia aircraft (on behalf of Qantas Freight, which also wet leases three Atlas Air Boeing 747-400Fs).

Are Low-Cost Airlines Trustworthy?

In a nutshell, sure. Simply because budget airlines provide low fares does not imply that they sacrifice safety to save money. For a variety of reasons, budget airlines are arguably safer than many of their traditional "full service" airline competitors:

All-New Aircraft:

Most budget airlines were founded within the previous decade, and as a result, they operate some of the most modern airplane models with the most up-to-date safety features and processes.

More efficient maintenance:

Budget airlines often utilize only one kind of plane in addition to having new planes. For example, the Boeing 737 is the most widely used aircraft by low-cost airlines worldwide. Budget airlines reduce maintenance and repair costs and make staff training considerably easier by simply having one aircraft model in its fleet, rather than having multiple distinct types of older airplanes in a legacy fleet, each with its quirks.

Maintaining a Perfect Safety Record:

Because the notion that low-cost flights are intrinsically less safe than full-service flights is difficult to dispel, low-cost carriers are highly concerned with maintaining their reputation and flight safety record. They understand that an accident would be disastrous for their business in every way. As a result, budget airlines strive for perfect safety records rather than cutting corners on safety to save money.

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