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How to Change a Booked Flight Ticket with Kuwait Airways

Need to make changes in travel plan and you have already booked reservations with Kuwait Airways? Then, you don’t need to worry as Kuwait Airways understands such situations and offers passengers an option to modify their booking before the scheduled departure of the flight. So, in case, if you are looking for information regarding the flight change policy of the airline, then you can read out this article to gather complete information. 

About the Flight Change Policy of Kuwait Airways

For the passengers who are willing to change their booked flight ticket, here are some of the key pointers of the Kuwait Airways flight change policy that would help in modifying their booked flight ticket before the actual departure. 

  • The reservations that are booked using the app or by using the online booking option are eligible for the flight change. 
  • The changes made to the booking apply to all the passengers included in the reservation. 
  • Lastly, the reservations that are already checked-in or on hold cannot be changed. 

How much is the Change Fee for Kuwait Airways?

Further, for the passengers who are wondering whether there are charges or fees for Kuwait Airways flight change, they are required to pay the fare difference for the reservations and applicable flight change fee which is calculated as per the travel route.

What Exactly is Kuwait Airways Rebooking Policy

For the passengers who are looking for information regarding the Kuwait Airways rebooking service, they can check out the information mentioned below. 

1. What are the changes that one can make using a rebooking service? 

By using the rebooking service, the passenger can change the date for their booked flight ticket and they can add additional services like meals, preferred seats for their reservations. 

2. How can one change the date for their booked flight tickets? 

For changing the flight date, the passenger can either reach out to the airline sales office or by visiting the official website of the airline.

3. What bookings can be changed online with Kuwait Airways? 

  • For the bookings that are made online or by contacting the sales office of the airline.
  • Further, changes to the reservation will apply to all those included in the reservation. 
  • For changes for a specific passenger, one needs to contact the airline. 

4. Reservations to which the flight change policy does not apply? 

  • Flight tickets that are on hold or checked-in
  • Reservation that includes discounted fares
  • Reservation to which insurance is attached
How to Change Name and Date on Kuwait Airways Ticket?

Have you entered the incorrect name along with the booking while making the reservation on Kuwait Airways? Then you must correct these things in order to travel with Kuwait Airways which is highly simple to do as per the flight date change and name policy of. But there are only fewer ones know about Kuwait Airways name change policy which is important to know before you take any step for changing your date and name.

Kuwait Airways Name Change Process:

  • You can only change if there is any kind of mistake in your surname or full name’s first and last letter.
  • If you have completely entered the incorrect name on the flight ticket, then you can’t change your name on the flight ticket.
  • You can change your name by making a phone call on their toll free number and make the correction.

Kuwait Airways Date Change Process:

You can change your flight date within 24 hours from the scheduled departure of flight with the help of below steps:

  • First of all, go to the official Kuwait Airways website from your preferred device.
  • Now you can click on manage my booking section.
  • You will be required to enter the last name and booking number.
  • Click on Find or Continue tab.
  • Now click on booking and change your flight date as per your choice and the availability of flight.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions to change your flight ticket date.

With the help of the above-described steps, Kuwait Airways date change and name change process can be done very easily. But in case you still require any sort of assistance, then contact the customer service team of Kuwait Airways.

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