How do I get an Upgrade to JetBlue Mint Class? (Guide)

More about Jetblue Mint Class and the services offered- Also Know about Jetblue Mint Upgrade:

Make your travel comfortable with Jetblue Airlines Reservations:

Jetblue Airlines is a popular airline that helps passengers in traveling to distant places. The airlines are known all over the world for the magnificent services it offers. The services that the airlines provide help the passengers in having a comfortable journey.

Details regarding Jetblue Mint Class:

Jetblue Airlines announced seats for international flights by introducing its Mint class in Jetblue Airlines. The passengers may do Jetblue Mint Upgrade and then travel to distant places. The airlines announced Mint class products which help the passengers in traveling to distant destinations. The travelers availing the magnificent services offered in the Mint class of Jetblue Airlines have a comfortable journey.

Facilities offered to the passengers traveling in Jetblue Mint class:

A number of services are offered to the passengers who have done Jetblue Mint Upgrade of the flight tickets. Some of the unique services offered to the passengers are explained here:

  • The passengers are offered with lie-flat seats that help the passengers in having a great journey.

  • Those traveling on Jetblue Airlines can enjoy the service of wi-fi connectivity.

  • Services offered to ensure a great traveling experience to the passengers. This includes extra storage and dual 110 V + USB power outlets that are attached at every seat.

  • The seats in the mint class of Jetblue Airlines have a width of up to 22.3 inches. Moreover, the seats are flexible and they can be converted to a flatbed of up to 6'8" in length.

  • The seats in the Jetblue Airlines make use of air cushions which makes the entire travel more comfortable for the passengers.

  • In Jetblue Airlines, the TV System provides 100 channels offering great in-flight entertainment to the passengers.

  • All the passengers traveling in the Jetblue Airlines are allowed to choose three meal offerings from the five meals offered to the passengers.

Mentioned above are some of the services offered to the passengers who have done Jetblue Mint Upgrade. The passengers may ensure a great and comfortable journey by availing these luxurious services.

Jetblue Mint Upgrade Fee & Cost:

Jetblue Mint upgrade is available at three different prices listed below:

  • 599 dollars or 35000 points for a restricted and refundable upgrade
  • 809 dollars or 61700  points for an unrestricted and refundable upgrade
  • 1209 dollars or 1100600 points for a refundable upgrade

Ways to do Jetblue Mint Upgrade: 

The passengers may easily do Jetblue Mint Upgrade by applying the ways mentioned here. This can easily be done once the passengers have dome Jetblue Airways Reservations of the flight tickets. 

  • Using miles:

  • Availing discounts:

  • Talking to the executives of Jetblue Airlines:

  • Searching on the website of Jetblue Airlines:

  • Online chatting with the executives:

For knowing more, the executives may be contacted at any time.

Where does Jet Blue Mint fly to?

Jetblue Mint flights from Boston (BOS) to:

  • Boston to Aruba* 2x/week

  • Boston to Barbados* 1x/week

  • Boston to Las Vegas Up to 2x/daily

  • Boston to Los Angeles Up to 4x/daily

  • Boston to San Diego Up to 3x/daily

  • Boston to San Francisco Up to 5x/daily

  • Boston to Seattle Up to 3x/daily

Jetblue Mint flights from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to:

  • Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles (LAX) Up to 2x/daily

  • Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco (SFO) Up to 2x/daily

Jetblue Mint flights from New York (JFK) to:

  • New York to Aruba* 1x/week

  • New York to Barbados* 2x/week

  • New York to Grenada* 1x/week

  • New York to Las Vegas Up to 2x/daily

  • New York to Liberia 1x/week

  • New York to Los Angeles Up to 11x/daily

  • New York to San Diego Up to 2x/daily

  • New York to San Francisco Up to 6x/daily

  • New York to Seattle Up to 3x/daily

  • New York to St. Lucia* 1x/week

Above are Some Destinations Traveled by Jetblue Mint Upgrade.

Can you upgrade to Jetblue Mint after booking?

Yes, Jetblue let their customers leverage this Mint even after their booking. All you have to upgrade the seats to the domestic mint studios. Though, there will be some charges and that rely on the type of trip. If you are covering the one-way trip, then you may have to pay $199 per booking. This option is not available for the round trip. And if you a flyer member program, you can grab jetblue mint class if you have 8300 rewards points. For an upgrade, you have to contact the person at Jetblue, or you can use the Manage my booking option to complete the process. 

What are the change and Cancellation fees for the Jetblue Mint seat?

  • If you fail to cancel or change the Jetblue mint seat before the scheduled departure, you are not eligible to get the refund. So, in this case, the cancellation charges are equal to the refund amount. Now, you can make changes to the ticket of Mint seat, but that should be performing 24 hours departures of the flight. Though the change fee depends on the type of the ticket, and that can start from $75 and goes up to $100. So you can know about this when you interact with the live person of Jetblue airlines. 
  • If you are a person in the flyer program, then you don’t have to pay any kind of cancellation charges or flight change fee.  

Can you use points for JetBlue Mint?

Yes, if you are a mosaic member or flyer program buyer, then you can use the point to make the payment of the Jetblue mint. Here, if you have points, then access jetblue mint class. It is quite beneficial for you when you are a frequent flyer of Jetblue. Here you must have 8300 points, and only then you can leverage this Mint. If you are wondering about becoming a member, then you can purchase this today and take benefit of it. 

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    • Alena Mendas
    • 2019-09-25 04:35:38
    • It is very pleasant to travel with Jetblue Mint. this Class of Jetblue is very luxiours to travel. I suddenly got a Mail regarding Upgrade that My Class Has been Upgraded to Jetblue Mint. Thank You for Jetblue Mint Upgrade.

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