Qatar Vs Emirates: Is Qatar Airways better than Emirates?

Qatar Airways vs Emirates: Which is better Emirates or Qatar Airways?

This article shows a whole sole comparison of Which is better Qatar Airways or Emirates. It is required for the readers to read ahead for all the details. 

A brief description about Emirates:

Emirates, which is the largest international airline, is the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates. The airline is responsible for operating over 3600 flights on a weekly basis. If we talk about the scheduled revenue passenger-kilometers flown, the airline is ranked to be fourth-largest. If we calculate by freight tonne kilometers flown, the airline is ranked to be on the second-largest number. 

A brief description about Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha. The airline is responsible for linking over 150 international destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Oceania from the base airport. Established on November 22, 1993, Qatar Airlines began its operations on January 20, 1994.

Comparison between the Emirates and Qatar airlines 

The below-given information explains the difference between Emirates and Qatar Airlines, read ahead for details,

Based on the classes:

Emirates Airlines offer four classes to its passengers with respect to the comfort that the passengers avail for themselves. The detailed information has been discussed below:

  • First-class: It is considered to be the best type of cabin offered by Emirates Airlines. It features private suites, a spa, and lavatories containing two showers. 
  • Business-class: The seats that are featured in business class with 1.5-meter long pitch and angled beds. The passengers who avail of this service can also have access to an on-board bar at the back of the plane.  
  • Premium economy class: The seats offered in premium class are set to be fitted on the airline's Boeing. 
  • Economy class: the seat pitch in an economy class offered by Emirates flights is approximately 79-81 centimeters long. The seats are equipped with adjustable headrests, sources of in-flight entertainment, in-seat laptops, laptop charging facilities in galleys, additional recline, etc.

Qatar Airlines offer three different types of cabins, details of which have been discussed below:

  • First-class: The passengers who avail the first-class type of cabin for themselves are eligible to get 6.5 feet legroom and the seats are unfoldable to form comfortable beds.   
  • Business-class: Fully horizontal beds are offered in the Business class facility of Qatar flights. “Qsuite” is a new feature that was introduced in March 2017. 
  • Economy class: A seat pitch of 34 inches and back seat TV screens are offered by Qatar Airlines. 16.9 inches of width for personal space is offered to the passengers flying with Qatar flights.  

Based on the amenities: 

Emirates provide the following amenities:

  1. Complimentary snacks, meals, and beverages are included in the flight ticket.
  2. USB power charging plugs are also available in Emirates flights.
  3. Brilliantly designed headphones
  4. 20 MB of free Wi-Fi data is available for two hours for 2 hours.

Qatar Airways provides the following amenities

  1. Wide seats of any economy cabin are quite comfortable for the trip.
  2. Soft blankets, as well as pillows, are available on the flights already. 
  3. Complimentary snacks, meals, and beverages including alcohol.
  4. Laptop and USB power charging points are available on flights.
  5. Free Wi-Fi for at least 30 minutes that begin once the flights take off.

Based on the types of planes

Emirates Airlines is responsible for operating a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing. It is one of the very few airlines that operates an all wide-body aircraft, being the largest Airbus A380 operator with a huge number of 117 aircraft.

Qatar Airlines owns a fleet size of 235 in which various kinds of airbus and aircraft are included. The Qatar flights are quite punctual and one can count on the safety measures that they take for their passengers.

Qatar Airways vs Emirates Conclusion: 

If we compare both Emirates flights and Qatar flights, we should compare them on the basis of the deals that a particular airline offers. Both the airlines excel in their own terms. So, it won't be a good option to tell the customers to opt one over the other. The customer must compare the airlines on the basis of the offers and customer service that they provide.

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