How Good Is Oman Air to Fly?- Star Rating of Oman Air

Yes, Oman Air is a good airline with 5 stars, according to the customer; it has all the facilities that make your journey comfortable. It has exceptional customer service and flight facilities, including comfortable seats and legroom, delicious foods, amazing hospitality, and other amenities to offer a mind-blowing experience while flying with them. Furthermore, they take care of every little information to provide unforgettable memories for your loved ones.

How safe is Oman Airlines?

For your question, 'Is Oman Air safe?' the answer is yes, Oman air is one of the secure airlines that offers the safest journey to customers. According to the research, Oman Air is safe for customers and passengers traveling worldwide. The airline was also among the world's five top most secure airlines. It still has the same reputation by performing the same services and providing its customers with the same amount of security; previous news and information declared that it is safe to travel with them. 

Does Oman Air serve food?

Yes, Oman Air does provide food on the flight or, we can say, a variety of food; the menu of the meals for the food provided could vary depending on the fare type you have chosen. The passengers traveling through the business, premium and first class, can get a variety of food items in the meal than the basic economy ticket; The passenger traveling through the business class experiences an amazing dining experience on the flight. They offer different food menus for long-haul, medium-haul, and short-haul flights, which have different food items. 

Is Oman Air a dry airline?

Oman air does offer drinks on the flights, but it depends on the duration of the flight and the destination; it does offer alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks on the flight; not only this, but other hot and cold beverages are served on the flight of Oman, you can request to the flight attendant present there, and they will serve you the asked drinks and also the meals you want to have with ensuring the safety, and hygiene.

What is the on time performance of Oman Air?

Oman Air has a 92.5% on-time performance according to their arrival time at the airport; they are the most punctual airline, which reaches the airport 20 minutes before the scheduled time to provide no waiting time to the passengers. so if you are flying with Oman, you should reach the airport early to get the flight. Because of their punctuality, you will have an incredible journey while traveling with Oman and have a memorable vacation without getting late to reach your destination.

What types of planes does Oman Air use?

The airlines operate the different types of planes that are mentioned below;
  1. AIRBUS A330-300, there are 3 same aircraft that have a maximum range of 11,750 km.

  2. AIRBUS A330-200 has 4 aircraft with a maximum range of 13,427 km.

  3. BOEING 787-9, there are a total of 7 same aircraft with a maximum range of 14,140 km.

  4. BOEING 787-8, only 2 aircraft with a maximum range of 13,622 km.

  5. BOEING 737-8, the aircraft has a maximum range of 5,808 km and has 21 planes.

  6. BOEING 737-900 are 5 aircraft with a maximum range of 5,808 km.

  7. BOEING 737 800, there are 21 same aircraft with a maximum range of 5,808 km. 

Why do people choose Oman Air?

People choose Oman Air for various reasons, such as it is a very safe airline and provides a lot of services and benefits to the people who travel through it; the punctuality, amazing customer service, and a lot of onboard services provided by the airline are also a good reason for people choosing it, people traveling through it shares a great passenger experience.


Hope you got all the information and answers to questions like Is Oman Air a good airline, and many more you were looking for about Oman Air, such as the services and benefits it provides, such as the food and drinks and if the airline is safe and good to travel with, and also about the performance of the Oman Air.

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