Is Frontier Airlines a good or Safe airline?Points to Remember

Is Frontier Airlines a good airline to fly?

Frontier Airlines is one of the low-cost air carriers in the United States serving passengers to more than 130 destinations around the globe. Apart from affordable flight fares, the customer service at Frontier is also top-class. If you are planning to make a reservation with Frontier Airlines, this article can provide you some useful information to make a better decision. Here, you can also learn about the amenities, services, pros, and cons of Frontier airlines.

Amenities at Frontier Airlines

Being such a low-cost air carrier, Frontier Airlines does not provide many free facilities or in-flight services. However, there are still some amenities that you can enjoy at Frontier Airlines by paying some amount as additional charges.

  • Ticketing options: Apart from the BASIC tickets, the airlines offer a feature of the Bundle section. In this section, you get to choose from the two seating types: WORKS and PERKS.
    • In the WORKS bundle, you get the facilities of Priority boarding, seat selection, no change fee, refundable tickets, one extra carry, and a checked bag.
    • In the PERKS bundle, you get everything as the WORKS except refundable tickets and no change fee feature.
  • Get extra seating comfort by upgrading your basic seats to Standard or Stretch
  • With the DISCOUNT DEN® subscription, you can get the best possible offers on your Frontier flight tickets.
  • Get customized meals and drinks by paying a certain amount during flights.

How are the flight fares at Frontier Airlines so cheap?

The ultra-low-cost ticket prices at Frontier Airlines are one of the major reasons that attract a major portion of the passengers. But do you ever wonder that how come it is charging such low prices on the flight tickets from you? This might bring a question to your mind that ‘Is Frontier Airlines a good airline?’ Well, it is, and there are certain reasons behind such low flight prices. Here are they:

  1. As already mentioned above, Frontier Airlines do not provide any specific in-flight services. Instead, the airlines are providing low fares to the passengers to cut the cost both for the travelers and airlines.
  2. Almost all the services at the airlines (except the basic ones) are paid at Frontier. Therefore, to maintain a balance, the airlines charge less with the passengers to increase the sales of flight tickets.
  3. Frontier Airlines also offers the feature of DISCOUNT DEN®, through which you can get great deals on the flights at Frontier.

What are the Pros and Cons of flying with Frontier Airlines?

Pros of flying with Frontier Airlines

  • Cheap and affordable flight tickets
  • Seat up-gradation and elite seating experience at a nominal cost of up to $70
  • Exciting deals and offers with DISCOUNT DEN® subscription
  • Get features of priority boarding, refundable tickets, and no flight change fee with WORKS bundle starting at just $59

Cons of flying with Frontier Airlines

  • No in-flight entertainment or Wi-Fi facility
  • The flights do not contain power or charging sockets
  • No complimentary and customizable snacks and beverages
  • Basic seats have very small legroom space

Is Frontier Airlines safe to travel?

Just because Frontier is an affordable airline, it does not mean that it is unfavorable to travel. In fact, according to the ranking report by published last year, Frontier Airlines managed to stay in the top three positions by being the third safest airline. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a flight at Frontline Airlines, and anytime a thought like ‘How safe is Frontier Airlines’ comes into your mind, just take a look at the statistics and the customer satisfaction feedback.

What are the different seats on frontier airlines?

You may use the following tips for selecting the best seat for yourself:

  • Seats in the exit rows have large legroom so if you want to spread your legs more and enjoy your journey then you can go for the exit row seats.
  • If you love to enjoy the sky view then go for a window seat. 

Seat selection is a very important part of flight booking procedure so you should always do it by keeping your comfort in mind. For more details, you can contact the customer care service of Frontier Airlines or you may also visit the official website of the airline.

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