Reviews- Is Ethiopian Airlines a Good(Safe) Airline?

Is Ethiopian Airlines A Good Airline? How Safe It Is

Ethiopian Airlines is a government-owned fly carrier headquartered in Bole International Airport. It is 75 years old airline that is one of the oldest carriers of Ethiopia and covers more than 127 destinations, among them 44 are international ones. 

Hubs of this Airlines in Addis Ababa Bole international airport where the secondary hub is Lome Tokoin international airport. It provides both cargo and passenger carrier services at very affordable prices. If you are planning to travel with Ethiopian airlines, and wondering answer of is Ethiopian Airlines a good airline or not, then go through this blog. We have covered every aspect of it that will help you to make better choices. 

What Is The Rank Of Ethiopian Airlines?

Ranks play an imperative role when it comes to choosing the best airline among many. Ethiopian airlines come to 4th place in terms of providing the best customer services, destination covered, and revenue. 

It shows that this airline could be a better option when it comes to travel. You can choose destinations from many and select the trip type. With this, you can better plan the trip and spend a wonderful trip. 

How Safe Is Ethiopian Airlines?

Security and safety is the topmost concern when it comes to travel with an airplane. It especially becomes the topic for the new passengers, or who fly for the first time. But, if you are flying with Ethiopian airlines, then you are completely safe. 

It has been recorded that from last more than 2 decades there is no accident and people did not feel any kind of problem while traveling. So, it is completely safe and has maintained a good safe fly record.  

What Kind Of Planes Does An Ethiopian Airline Use?

As we know that Ethiopian airline has a fleet size of 128. It manages different scheduled departures and employs many different kinds of planes. It manages Airbus A350, Boeing 737, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and Bombarder Dash Q-400. 

What Are The Different Seats On Ethiopian? 

The airline provides different kinds of classes, and each one has different prices. You can check the cost of them when you start booking. It depends on the number of passengers and the place you are visiting and the trip type also. 

Generally, at Ethiopian airlines, you can get three travel classes, the first one is the First class, the second one is business class and the third one is economy class. The first class is coming in the premium one and you can get the more relaxed seats and chairs. Even you can get the extra comfy seats and wide legroom which will double the experience of traveling. 

However, in business class, you can expect wide legroom and fewer seats. The price of its seats is comparatively low as compared to the first class. In the economy section, you can get comfortable seats and add more features by paying the additional charges. 

Is Ethiopian Airlines Part Of Star Alliance?

Ethiopian airlines are one of the major passenger carrier as well as pioneer African airlines. It is been more than ten years, this airline is a part of the Star Alliance. It shows how amazing this airline is. The best part is that there are only 26 members in this Alliance. 

Now, you must get the idea about which make this airline a completely safe and best carrier. After a few years, it will come on the top of the star alliance airlines.

Why Should You Choose Ethiopian Airlines?

During traveling by plane, passengers are struck with many thoughts. The major questions are related to the fare and traveling timings and check-in process. If you are wondering the same question and find it hard to travel with the Ethiopian, then you are making mistake. 

There are so many reasons that show why you should go with these airlines. We have covered the major ones below, and you can read them to know what makes it the best airline. 

24 By 7 Assistance 

The customer support system should be strong enough to provide quick support. And it is something you are getting from Ethiopian airlines. They offer different ways to connect with the assistance team and you can get the solution in no time. 

The Easy Online Booking Process 

Offline booking may introduce additional charges and may be hectic for some people, especially old age person. But, with an online easy booking process, you can do multiple bookings in a few minutes. All you need to visit the official page of Ethiopian airlines and click on the search flight. Provide the information, and select the one that is comfortable to you and meeting the demands. 

Once you complete the process, you will receive the ticket to the registered Gmail ID. 

Web Check-In 

Check-in could be a hectic issue for those who are traveling for the first time. But, Ethiopian helps you to do the check-in process online. All you have to mention the details of the luggage and the number of passengers. 

Live Chat Support 

When it comes to getting the quick aid or solution for the query, then live chat could be the right option. You can directly access this from the website and easily connect with the representative and get a solution in real-time. 

Flyer Program 

If you join the ShebaMiles program of Ethiopian airlines, then you can unlock many benefits. From getting a discount to earn travel points that can overall reduce the price of the ticket and make the traveling easier and cost-effective. 

These are the top facilities you can get from the Ethiopian. You can know more about it through the Ethiopian airlines review section. What resist you now, go ahead and book your ticket with Ethiopian airlines today.

Frequently Asked Quetions

Do Ethiopian airlines have TV on flights?

Are you heading for a long flight and worried that how will you pass your time? If yes then now traveling with Ethiopian Airlines has become easier and more exciting because now people can access in-flight entertainment on flights. On making long route flight reservations on Ethiopian Airlines, now the passengers can watch movies and shows on their personal screens adjacent to each seat.

B787 and B777 Boeing flights are now equipped with these personal screens and you can literally scroll and choose from 33 Hollywood movies, 70 plus shows, and 20 plus international movies. You will have ample of shows and movies to choose from and watch.

Does Ethiopian Airlines have Wi-Fi?

Ethiopian Airlines also has an internet connection with which you can connect and access Wi-Fi on your device. In fact, while accessing online TV shows or movies, you can access the internet. Mostly all the flights of Ethiopian Airlines have a Wi-Fi connection.

Does Ethiopian Airlines have business class?

If you are yearning for reservations on Ethiopian Airlines business class then yes you can definitely make reservations. All the flights have normal to first-class seats and you can choose according to your budget.

Is alcohol served on Ethiopian Airlines?

For all the foodies who love exploring different cuisines and beverages should try traveling with Ethiopian Airlines. Also if you drink alcohol then you will be served with the alcohol as too. As a passenger, you will always have a choice to choose Veg or the Non-Veg item from the menu.

Does Ethiopian Airlines have a power outlet?

A few flights on Ethiopian Airlines do have power outlets but you won’t find this feature on every airline Available. However, before making reservations, you can confirm it with the airline.

What type of food is served on Ethiopian Airlines?

One of the most striking features of Ethiopian Airlines is that you will find all types of food items plus beverages on Ethiopian Airlines. Few flights on Ethiopian Airlines serve free food mainly the ones that are long haul flights.

And that’s all for the basic information related to Ethiopian Airlines. In case you have any doubt or issue then you can easily contact the customer care team of the airline. The support staff will guide you with the solution.

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