Is Copa Airlines a safe and good airline

Is Copa airlines a good airline? Complete Overview

Copa Airlines operates airliner aircraft to destinations around the Americas, and this includes flights in excess of 7-hours to the US Canada. Copa has introduced flatbed Business Class seats that are not assessed. Comfort on older aircraft is adequate for shorter sectors but less good for longer flights. Meals are reasonable, but the bar product is less generous than other carriers. Cabin staff service is fair but lacks many hospitality aspects.

Copa Airlines was founded in 1947 and is the national flag carrier of Panama. The airline flies to over 80 destinations in 33 countries in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. The full name for Copa airlines is Compamia Panamera de Avialian.

The airline began operating domestic flights with a small fleet of Douglas aircraft and in the 1970s, they started international flights to Colombia, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. This airline is a star alliance member. Passengers who fly business class get access to a special line at the airport check-in and boarding counters to reduce waiting for time, priority baggage handling, and Copa and VIP lounges worldwide.  is Copa Airlines a safe airline you can easily find it after reading this information..

What calibrate Copa airlines apart 

Copa Airlines takes pride in providing top-class service to all travelers With on-time performance and access to the main hubs in the region, this airline offers classy services. Transparent airfares and convenient schedules have helped customers reach their destinations. Promotional fares and quick last minute deals are available for you to plan your luxurious budget-trips. Choose Copa Airlines to move in comfort and reach on time without burning a hole in the pocket.

Copa Airlines is a part of Star Alliance and codeshares with United.  Given Denver is one of United’s hubs, we didn’t know if we would be checking in at the United counter or if Copa had its own managing counter.  It turns out that Copa Airlines has its own counter and check-in starts three hours preceding departure.  No one was at the counter upon your arrival, so I joined the many customers waiting in lineic we look back on the experience, below are the pros and cons I see for traveling in economy class on Copa Airlines.  I’ll start with the cons first and end on a positive note. And the question is Copa airline is a good airline hope you all are now getting the answer of this question after reading this.

Specialties and bads of Copa airlines

After Compare with other international flights, I choose a major carrier.  I opted for Copa airlines, we have used the airline for intra-South America flights, but it had been a while, and we weren't sure what to expect flying from Denver International Airport.

Copa Airlines began operations in 1947 as a domestic airline in Panama.  Over time, it dropped its domestic flights and expanded to international flights in South America.  Before Continental merged with United, Continental was a 51% owner of the airline.  Copa flies 738s  and while it generally focuses on South America, it has expanded into additional North American cities and even to a few European destinations.  With only one crash with fatalities, its safety record seems better than many airlines.


Magazine and booklets–

Surprisingly, the magazine includes interesting articles on health, science and destinations, and tourism.  It is written in Spanish and English, so it’s a good way to brush up on the language and your strengths too.

Cabin Crew–

The flight attendants were very friendly which is a positive change from many airlines.


Less than major airlines

In Baggage–

Internationally, both my checked and carry-on bags (one of each) flutter for free.

Persistent  Flyer Club–

It only takes four paid segments to become a preferred member of the club.



It is extremely slow (over an hour) in Denver though very good in Cartagena.

Entertainment in-flight

On my six-hour flight to Panama City, only one relatively recent movie was shown on drop-down TVs and no wi-fi was on board.  In addition, no charging stations are available, so it is important to have all devices well imposed and to have a back-up battery available if digital entertainment is your entertainment of choice. (Business class includes in-seat entertainment and charging stations).


The dinner is of fair quality and the sandwich snacks included pressed meat which was disgusting.  It is advised to bring snacks.

Other Copa Airlines Official Info:

Official Website:

Founded: June 21, 1944, Panama City, Panama

Headquarters: Panama City, Panama

CEO: Pedro Heilbron

Alliances: Star Alliance

Serving Destinations: 80 destinations in 33 countries(Source: Wikipedia)

Hubs: Tocumen International Airport (Panama City)

Does Copa serve food on flights?

Do you want to know if Copa Airlines serves food on its flights? If that's the case, you can learn if Copa serves food by looking at the points mentioned below.

  • On every flight, Copa Airlines serves a snack and soft drink in the business class cabin for any length of time.
  • Copa Airlines serves a snack and a water bottle in the main cabin, for flights lasting longer than 1:30 hours.
  • Copa Airlines passengers are permitted to carry their own food and non-alcoholic beverages onboard to consume during the travel.

Is Copa Airlines considered a budget airline?

If you'd like to know that Copa is considered as a budget airline or not, read the following points

  • Copa Airlines is classified as a budget airline because, in contrast to most other airlines, it provides the cheapest fares.
  • Copa Airlines is a cost-effective way to travel between the United States and South America.

Is Wi-Fi available on Copa Airlines?

If you want to know if you can get free or paid Wi-Fi on Copa Airlines, look at the details below.

Yes, On any Copa Airlines flight, in any class, or on any of its aircraft, WIFI is not available.

Does Copa Airlines serve alcohol on flights?

If you want to know whether Copa Airlines serves alcohol on board or not, as do many other airlines, please read the following points.

  • Alcoholic drinks, such as wine and beer, are served onboard Copa Airlines, but only in the business cabin when the flight is longer than 3:30 hours.
  • Copa Airlines passengers are allowed to bring non-alcoholic but not alcoholic drinks on board during their travel.

Is there a first-class cabin on Copa Airlines?

Do you want to know whether Copa Airlines provides the first-class cabin to passengers who book a flight with them or not? You can learn about Copa Airlines first class from the points mentioned below.

  • As a low-cost carrier, Copa Airlines does not offer first-class on any of its planes, but it does offer business class.
  • Copa Airlines has launched the first aircraft, which features the flat-lie seats for the first time in the business class cabin.

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