Is China Southern a good airline? Safety, Pros & Cons

Is China Southern Airlines a good airline? Detailed Analysis

China Southern Airlines is one of the three biggest airlines in China. For this reason, it is a part of the “big three” list. It is headquartered in Guangzhou. It is an accumulation of many domestic airlines that makes it the sixth-largest airline in the world. It covers more than 200 destinations with a fleet size of 620; in this cargo services are also included.

For a first-time flyer, it is imperative to know is China Southern Airlines a good airline or not? If we have covered every detail of it, this can help you to make better choices and you can complete the process of booking without facing any unexpected situations.

Pros of traveling with China Southern Airlines

There are so many reasons to travel with this airline. These airlines get a four-star rating in terms of excellence and meeting customer expectations.

  • Quality of airport

When people travel every small thing plays an imperative role to make it better. The foremost is airports. Many airports turn the process hectic and lengthy harasses the customer and turns things very complex.

Here, you will receive the world’s class facility and easy process. The best part is that you can get the best onboard services and helpful staff assistance. No doubt, with such a level of aid and process, you can start your journey.

  • Easy check-in process

The Check-in process is always hectic especially for those who are flying for the first time. It is a major part of traveling that takes a lot of time, and for this, passengers need to visit the airport 4 to 5 hours before the departure. 

But, here you can do the process of check-in online. All you need to visit the official website of airlines and click on the check-in process. Hereby providing the small details, like luggage quantity and name of the passengers. Though, you can do this check-in 48 hours before departure. 

  • Easy booking process 

While booking the interface must be user-friendly. Not everyone has an online booking experience, so to meet their demands, China southern airlines provide an easy-to-use system. You can do the easy booking by going to the website and select the flights that seem suitable to you. 

The best part is that you can make payments in different ways. You can use a credit or debit card. You can purchase the flyer program in which you can get the points With these points you can make the payments. Even with this, you can make the payment and unlock many other benefits. 

These are the major parts that are sufficient to prove why one should go with this airline. Though, it is important to know the cons of it. There are very few ones that you must be aware of. 

Cons of traveling with China Southern airlines 

  • A limited number of destinations on the list 

If you want to travel to different locations with these airlines, then with this it is not possible. China Airlines does not offer such a wide range of choices, so you might have to choose one that they offer. 

  • Food may create issues 

Those who are traveling for the first time may find it hard to get the food according to their preference. But for regular ones, this could not be an issue. Though airlines provide you the choices and you can select one among them. But the taste of the food may vary. 

These are the few airlines’ negative sides. Comparatively, the negative side is much less as compared to the positive side. 

Now, many passengers worry about their journey and wonder whether China Southern is Safe or not. If you are wondering the same and fail to make a choice, then go to the below-mentioned points. 

Why is China Southern Airlines safe to fly?

There are multiple reasons and we have mentioned them below. You can go through it and have a wonderful traveling time. 

  • Provide impeccable customer support

It is imperative to have easy access to customer support. In many situations, people are stuck at the last moment and need quick assistance. Many airlines fail to provide it and passengers have to face a lot during traveling. But with these airlines, you can access the service at any moment of the day and that 24 by 7. 

You can connect with them through live chat support, or directly through phone numbers. Even, for suggestions and feedback, you can mail them and get a quick response. 

  • Get best crew members 

Crew members are the ones who can help you to uplift the traveling experience. China's southern airlines have employed the world’s best crews. They never fail to surprise the passenger with awesome services. 

If you are flying with children below 5, then crew members are with you to manage them. They offer different food and games that will make traveling easy. 

  • Provide China southern airlines application 

Application has huge importance to make the process fast as well as efficient. You can unlock many benefits like easy booking or cancellation. You can add luggage or purchase extra seats that will help you to make the trip more comfortable. 

You can earn points that can cut down the overall fare of the tickets. The whole trip can be cost-effective as well as meeting the demands. Now, you must know everything about China's southern airlines. Make sure you read each point carefully and then do single or multiple bookings with these airlines.

Is China Southern part of any alliance?

  • On November 15th, 2007, China Southern joined the SkyTeam officially. 
  • China Southern then became one of the eleven airlines that had an alliance with the SkyTeam.
  • But as of January 1st, 2019, the China Southern airline’s alliance with the team broke effectively.
  • Though SkyTeam is still working and will continue to work with China Southern to ensure the seamless experience of their customers and partners
  • The discontinuation of the SkyTeam alliance with China Southern came into effect from January 1st, 2020

What Is The Rank Of China Southern?

  • China Southern is a 4-star certified airline and known to stand on the 3rd rank as per the World Air Transport Statistics.
  • The airline holds this position because of the airport quality, customer service, onboard amenities, and beguiling staff service.
  • The rating of the airline is so high because of the comfortable seats, several useful amenities, cleanliness, food, beverages, and service rating of cabin staff and ground staff, as well.
  • The airline tends to provide extremely spacious sitting arrangements with reclining seats.
  • Being a low-budget flight, China Southern gives excellent service by charging the lowest possible airfare.

What planes does China Southern use?

  • China Southern provides planes for both purpose long-haul and short-haul 
  • The airline is known to operate 850 passengers and cargo transport aircraft like- Boeing B787, B777, B747, B737, and Airbus A380, A330, A321, A20, A319, as well.
  • All the planes operated by China Southern are well-maintained and trust-worthy

What type of food is served in Southern China?

  • Southern China, although being a low-budget carrier, is known to provide several delicacies on the flight.
  • The Premium Economy class’ featured food includes Salt Baked Chicken Rice with Ginger Sauce and Green Onion, Fried Beef Rice, Hainan Chicken Rice, Fried Pork Rice with Potherb mustard.
  • The airline also caters to bread and desserts to the guests.
  • Travelers can log in online and enter their food preferences to enjoy the customized food catering of Southern China.
  • Passengers can reserve the specially ordered food via the official website of China Southern 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • If you have any allergy or other problem with any food item, you can mention that as well, and the aviation carrier will take good care of it.
  • The drinks served while your journey on the China Southern planes is free of cost.

Is China Southern business class good?

  • If you are flying in Business class of China Southern, then you might get a clean pillow and comfortable blanket for your journey.
  • The airline promotes customer satisfaction; that is why you will be getting a cozy and fairly plush seat configuration in your business class flight with China Southern.
  • You can take advantage of noise-canceling headphones provided on the plane to spend your journey in serenity and solitude.
  • Also, you can find a pair of brown slippers at your seat after you are on board with the flight.

Is China Southern Airlines a budget airline?

  • Yes, China Southern Airlines is considered a budget airline.
  • If you want to invest less on the journey and more on the destination, then you must consider taking China Southern flight for your next vacation.
  • The airline is known to be one of the cheapest flights to travel with
  • Apart from being a low budget carrier, China Southern:
  1. Has biggest fleet size in Asia
  2. Operates their longest flight of 16 hours 
  3. Considered 4-star and biggest airline worldwide

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