Is Avianca a good airline and Safe to fly?|Review & Amenities

Is Avianca a good airline and Safe to fly With?

Colombian airline Avianca S.A. is based in Bogota. It has served as Colombia's flag carrier since 5 December 1919, when it was first registered as SCADTA. It is based in Bogotá, D.C., with El Dorado International Airport as its primary hub. Avianca is the flag carrier of a group of eight Latin American airlines that use a code sharing arrangement to operate as a single entity. Avianca is Colombia's major airline and Latin America's second-largest after LATAM of Chile.

Is Avianca a good airline? After KLM, Avianca, the world's second-oldest airline, marked its 100th anniversary in December 2019 through SCADTA. It is the Western Hemisphere's oldest airline. It became a formal member of Star Alliance on June 21, 2012, following an 18-month process that began with the announcement of its request to join the alliance.

What is the rank of Avianca Airlines?

Is Avianca a safe airline? Avianca has been awarded a 3-Star rating for the quality of its airport and onboard products, as well as its customer service. Seats, amenities, food and beverages, IFE, cleanliness, and other aspects of the product are rated, while service is rated for both cabin and ground crew.

Why should you choose Avianca Airlines?

Make your flight unique:

You select the fare that best suits your flying preferences, and we guarantee the same price from beginning to end.

Shop with confidence:

On our digital channels, you may book with confidence. We use security certifications to keep your personal information safe.

Take control of your reservation:

Manage your reservation from any device, on the web, or through the App, for a faster and more personalized experience.

Various payment options:

On and the Avianca App, you can pay in the most convenient way for you.

Make a reservation:

Check-in from any device, web, or app, and promptly obtain your boarding pass so you can fly.

Accumulate miles:

When you buy flights, you earn miles that you may use to buy tickets or items, depending on the fare you choose.

What kind of planes does Air Avianca Airlines use?

Airbus A330, 8: Characteristics

  1. Ideal for medium and long-distance travel.
  2. 880 kilometers per hour is the cruise speed.
  3. Service Ceiling: 12500 meters is the maximum height.
  4. 47000 kg of payload capacity.
  5. There are 30 Business Class seats and 222 Economy Class tickets available.

15 A321 Airbus: Characteristics

  • It emits the least amount of pollution, produces the least amount of noise, and consumes the least amount of gasoline. The load capacity is estimated to be 5188 kg.
  • 846 kilometers per hour is the cruise speed.
  • Customer service Ceiling height: 12100 meters is the highest point on the planet.
  • 24200 kg of payload capacity.
  • There are 12 Business Class tickets and 182 Economy Class tickets available.

Airbus A320 (ninety-seven): Characteristics

  • A plane that takes off from sea level and is efficient, silent, and environmentally friendly, with a load capacity of around 6300 kilos.
  • 828 kilometers per hour is the cruise speed.
  • Customer service Ceiling height: 12131 meters is the highest point on the planet.
  • 17600 kg of payload capacity.
  • There are 12 Business Class seats and 138 Economy Class tickets available.

25 A319 Airbus: Characteristics

  • It has a load capacity of 4700 kilos when launched from sea level.
  • 828 kilometers per hour is the cruise speed.
  • Service Ceiling: 12131 meters is the maximum height.
  • 15300 kg of payload capacity.
  • There are 12 Business Class seats and 108 Economy Class tickets available.

15 ATR-72 aircraft: Characteristics

  • Regional and short-haul aircraft with a maximum capacity of 74 passengers.
  • 440 kilometers per hour is the cruise speed.
  • Service Ceiling: 7620 meters is the maximum height.
  • 7100 kg of payload capacity.
  • Economy Class has 68 seats.

6 Airbus A330F: Characteristics

  • Cargo planes.
  • Each one has a capacity of 68 tons.

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