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Is Air Europa is Safe and good airline?| Complete Guide

Travel plans can be executed properly only if you can make a reservation of flight tickets as well as the hotels in budget. And if you are looking forward to any international trip in budget and that too to some exotic place or country then Spanish airline Air Europa can be one of those. Anytime you can take the help of the airline’s deals to take a reasonable and memorable flight trip. It is the third-largest airline in Spain and connects to more than a hundred destinations all over the world with the main headquarters in Llucmajor, Spain.  You can make bookings at any point of the year and travel with your heart.

What is the rank of the Air Europa?

Those traveling by Air Europa for the first time might have second thoughts regarding the flight and the services. Hence to burst the suspense, if you are going to take a flight with Air Europa and skeptical regarding the services then you don’t need to worry!

  • As per the ratings, this airline has been awarded three-star ratings for the quality of the service their flight gives, airport staff, cabin crew, and the meal is served on board.
  • Not just this but both the ground duty staff as well as the onboard duty staff of the Air Europa works for the passengers and makes sure that each one of them travel safely and without any hassle.

How safe is Air Europa Airlines?

  • The pool of thoughts we all get because of the airline that we are about to travel on is very genuine and obvious. Likewise, if you are going through the issue of Air Europa’s flight services and if you have confusion that whether this airline is safe to travel or not then don’t overthink. Now that this airline has received three stars rating hence any passenger can travel on this airline without any doubt.
  • From the type of meal being offered to the passengers to their warm behavior towards the passengers, everything about this airline is quite good. The ground staff to the cabin crew and the feedback of the passengers, each and everything is worth the shot. Thus you are more than safe to travel with this main airline and you don’t have to worry much before traveling via Air Europa.

What kind of planes does Air Europa use?

The planes owned by any airline depend on the number of passengers it can accommodate and a lot of other factors. In case you need more details about that, here is the complete list of all the planes owned by Air Europa. Also if you wish to travel then you can choose from any of these. 

  • Boeing 737-800 has been in service for eighteen years and can accommodate around 180 passengers.
  • Also, the Boeing 737 max that can carry around the same number of passengers!
  • Moreover, Boeing 787-8 can accommodate almost 296 people and has already put in eight years of total service.
  • Moreover, you can also use Boeing 787-9 that can accommodate almost 333 passengers with a total of 10 years of service.

Different types of seats offered by the Air Europa

The types of flight seats offered by Air Europa, there are two types of seats that can help you to choose from as per your budget. Tap below for reference.

Economy class

  • If you want to travel on the economy section then you will get a flight ticket in budget and you can find it easily at any point of the day.
  • If you talk about the seating arrangement then the pitch of the seat is 31 and the width is 17.
  • And out of all the available flight seats, you can choose to book any out of 275 standard seats. In addition to this, you will get basic meals, drinks, and other perks while traveling on the flight. 


For the people who love to travel with luxury, you can always take the help of the business class seats and travel with comfort and ease. Usually, people prefer traveling on the Business seat if the trip is a long haul.

  • The standard measurement of the flight seat on Air Europa will be 51 pitch and 20 heights.
  • For more reference, you are free to choose the flight seat out of 24 angle flat seats.
  • In addition to all this, you can get the privilege of more legroom, amazing meals, and also in-flight entertainment to pass time on the journey.

Services offered by the Air Europa

If you are willing to book flights on Air Europa then it is pretty much obvious that you will be getting a flight seat and other perks. In addition to this, you can also get the following air Europa amenities.

  • You will be entitled to a welcome drink and the basic meal on the flight.
  • One will get access to the in-flight entertainment on a flat screen on every seat on which you can watch movies or listen to songs.
  • You will be allowed to connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi.
  • The seats are comfortable and spacious and hence can easily travel overnight.

Is Air Europa part of the star alliance?

Star Alliance partners up with numerous airlines with which you can choose airline according to your budget and need. And likewise for all the confused people, yes Air Europa is a part of the star alliance and promises standard travel to every passenger.

Why choose Air Europa?

There are many reasons why you should choose Air Europa for traveling and a few of them are explained below.

  • This airline has got three-star ratings hence you can easily choose this to travel with all the luxuries and services.
  • You can even decide to travel via this airline because of the cost-friendly fare and good ratings from the former airline.
  • The customer feedback system of this airline is quite effective and you can always carry your doubts to this airline and they will ensure to solve them as early as possible.
  • Also, you can take the help of their easy flight cancellation and change policies to make changes in the booking according to your preference. 

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