How to Contact Icelandair Customer Service

Various Ways to how to get in touch with Icelandair customer service:

If you booked your flight with Icelandair but have some doubts then you can get it resolved by contacting the customer service branch. The airline has introduced such a branch to help passengers as they understand that circumstances can happen with anyone and that affects their passengers’ travel. And being the customer-oriented airlines, Icelandair must help passengers in times of need. So, keeping their words, they have a separate and dedicated branch in different platforms to help passengers. Let us make you get familiar with this branch of Icelandair. 

List of Ways to Contact Icelandair: 

To aim and resolve the issues of maximum passengers, the airline has various platforms. To know how to contact Icelandair customer service, you can take the help of any of the platforms stated below. 

  • Icelandair Phone Number: Dial Toll-Free (00) 1-800-223-5500 for USA & Canada for new booking and existing booking related queries (Every day 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST), Icelandair Contact info for the United Kingdom & Ireland: +44 20 7874 1000

  • Icelandair Chat Support: Can be found on the official website of the airlines and gives on the spot resolution saving passengers’ time. 

  • Icelandair Email and Social platforms: These are used to share the feedback and also for the issues which require long investigation like delay or loss of baggage, etc. 

Passengers are free to contact any of the platforms that are stated above to get the required assistance or information. The services that are offered by Icelandair customer service can also be explained below. 

List of Services Offered by Support Team of Icelandair! 

  1. When passengers want to know about flight status. 

  2. Making changes in the flight. 

  3. Upgrading the seat within the passenger’s eligibility. 

  4. Rendering information about the deals, discounts, and the latest promo codes. 

And there are many other ways in which the customer service is rendered by Icelandair to help resolve the queries of the passengers before, during, and even after their travel. Apart from the various platforms assisting passengers and various services provided to them, let us also discuss the benefits you get when you get in touch with the experts of Icelandair customer service. 

Perks of Contacting Customer Service of Icelandair! 

  1. The first thing to take note of is that the customer support is given 24/7 irrespective of the time zone. 

  2. The customer experts are highly trained and are also experienced so that they can resolve your issues in a short period not wasting your time. 

  3. To satisfy passengers’ travel, they even have introduced various platforms as explained above so that they can assist maximum passengers in a single time not wasting their efforts. 

  4. Also, the assistance that is rendered is free of cost and no fee is asked as pay by passengers. 

Therefore, the next time you come is stuck or want some assistance then you shall be assured and look for the customer support by your travel companion. You will never return disappointed with this airline’s customer service.  


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