How to check flight details with PNR

Check flight details with PNR

When you fly by airlines then you get a PNR number. Do you know what is the pnr number or booking reference number which you can see printed on the ticket? Why it is there? Why it is generated? Actually PNR is Passenger Name Record. It stores the information of a passenger or group of passengers traveling through the airline on particular ticket. You can check your current booking status with the use of this PNR number. You can check the flight details of the flight online with PNR. You simply need to enter the booking reference number (PNR) in the given field there and soon you can see the current flight details status or booking status of your flight.

Steps to check flight details with PNR

With your PNR you can see if your ticket got confirmed or not which is represented by a symbol. Other than entering the PNR number, you may need to provide some additional information also when you check your flight details like, Passenger’s name (first name or last name), journey date, and destination and so on.

To check your flight details with PNR online you can follow below steps;

  1. Open your airline website.
  2. Next step is that one the web page of the airline you need to enter your ‘First Name’ and ‘Confirmation Number’.
  3. After you fill the details you can click ‘Find My Trip’ button.
  4. Within sometime you will see your current booking status on your computer screen.

You can also contact the call centers toll free numbers through which you can check your flight details with PNR.

Flight customer service number

You can dial flight customer service number for multiple reasons. When you are in trouble with your flight ticket and you need help or in general you need some crucial information regarding the airline or your flight you can dial flight customer service number and ask the representative on the phone for help. He will sort out your issue which will give you comfort when you are flying with a particular flight of an airline.

Flight booking customer care number

Flight booking customer care number is for those who are comfortable booking flight of an airline on phone. They can dial this number and talk to the representative on phone. They can ask any question before they are sure that they want to book their flight. Once they are fully confirmed with all the data and information provided by the customer care guy they can ask the guy to book the flight on phone itself.

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