How to check British Airways flight status

Check British Airways flight status

British Airways is the largest airline in UK based on its fleet size. In terms of passengers carried it is the second largest airline in UK. Its main hub is in London Heathrow Airport. British Airways as on date has flights to over 160 destinations which include six domestic destinations. So, you can definitely book your flight with British Airways when planning to fly to the destinations served by British Airways. Once you have booked your ticket online then you should also check British Airways flight status before you are going to airport so that you reach in time and if the flight is delayed you go out accordingly. Online flights status can be checked by following below steps:

  1. Open your browser and type in the address bar of the browser.
  2. Then you can check flight status by ‘Route’, ‘Flight number’ and ‘Airport’.
  3. Whichever option you choose you will enter the required data in the given field.
  4. For example if your choose ‘Route’ then you need to enter From, To, Departing and Date in the given fields there.
  5. After that you need to click Search.
  6. You will now get the flight status on your screen.

Alternatively you can also check your British Airways flight status on phone by dialing their customer care number or if you have reached the airport then you can ask the guy on the airline counter there about the flight status.

British Airways flight status detail

Knowing your flight status is quite important for you as it saves lot of time, energy and money for you. You can check your British Airways flight status online by following above mentioned steps or on phone or at the ticket counter at the airport. The flight status details will include information like Departing from, Departure terminal, Scheduled departure, Updated departure, Current local time at the airport and flight status as departed or delayed. In case of arrival it will include details like Arriving at, Arrival terminal, Scheduled arrival, updated arrival, current local time at airport and flight status as On time or delayed.

British Airways flight information

So, you can check British Airways flight information online on the official website of the airline on your mobile, laptop, tablet etc. This is quite easy as you just need to choose a method like ‘Route’, ‘Flight Number’ or ‘Airport’ and then you will enter your data as prompted on screen. Then you click on Search and see the British Airways flight information on your screen with details.

British Airways reservation number

When you are looking to make reservation on British Airways then on way of doing this is by dialing British Airways reservation number. This is preferred by people who have some queries to ask before reserving their seats which they can do online as well. You can ask all your queries from the guy on the phone before you ask him to reserve your seat in the flight of British Airways.

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