Get Flight Itinerary for Visa Application: A Complete Guide

A visa application process can sometimes be frustrating and confusing, especially for the first time for a visa. The requirement for this is a lot of paperwork, and sometimes it makes people give up. However, no one wants to give If any details. All you need is a little help for better understanding and requirements, like reading one or two articles on visa requirements which can help you on what each means and how you can obtain them.  

Aside from the primary application form requirements, a passport, photograph, and flight itinerary are among the crucial needs of each travel embassy, no matter where they are located or from which country they are operating. 

Many of the first-time applicants fail to understand what the embassy wants. Some customers mistake purchasing actual flight tickets, and the embassy wants them to buy a ticket and pay for it. Give up on the hope to visit the other country they have been planning since they are scared and will fail to get the flight itinerary for visa application, and they lose all their money.   

The embassy consultant asks for several documents for a flight itinerary for visa application to submit to get the Visa, and it will confuse so many people. They were asked to summarize the papers, where they should obtain them, and what they needed to do to receive them. To receive it Hassle-free, first, we need to  What is Flight itinerary. 

What is the Flight itinerary? 

A documented flight itinerary confirms the flight schedule that the customer plans to take if destination country and back. Thus, one saved a seat on the flight for a particular number of days.

Flight itinerary is also known as:

  • Confirmed/booked flight itinerary
  • Flight itinerary for visa application
  • Flight air ticket booking
  • Flight reservation/confirmation 
  • Flight ticket reservation
  • Confirmed flight ticket
  • Dummy flight ticket

These names are the same as the Flight itinerary that contains flight information, which can verify online. On the other hand, the Flight itinerary for the visa application document must include the following information:

  • Name and the surname of the customer who booked the flight
  • Flight name
  • A valid flight reservation code or booking ID appears on the flight ticket in pdf format.
  • Departure and arrival date
  • The time of flight takes off and the flight duration.
  • Airport codes, with complete arrival and departure time of the flight, including the terminal
  • The price of the ticket when fully purchased
  • If any, details of connecting flights (if any) will apply only.

What is the importance of a flight itinerary?

Flight itinerary is a simple detail of your travel plan. It contains elements of your origin from the country to the destination. The destination is the place for which you want a visa. It manages your travel plan and has all the details you might be needing.

Tips to get a flight itinerary for visa application

  • By purchasing a refundable ticket.
  • By reserving a ticket which is one way cheaper.
  • By booking a flight ticket on a travel website.
  • Booking a flight ticket with local travel agents.
  • Booking a ticket with a hold option for a fee by airlines.

Get the confirmed flight ticket for any visa application by

By booking a flight ticket on a travel website

You can book your flight without paying any fee. Follow the following steps to book your flight without paying the total amount. 

  • Visit the Visa Reservation
  • Select the right travel package 
  • Then, submit your flight details and the amount. 
  • And wait for the confirmation email with all the details of your booked Flights.

Getting a Confirmed Flight Itinerary by booking a Refundable Flight Ticket

If you are planning to visit somewhere and have decided to book a flight, or the embassy has convinced you to buy one, this is one of the safest ways to get your money back if your application gets rejected. Most of the airline offers a valid flight ticket that is fully refundable, but they are more expensive, they will charge. 

Booking a Flight Ticket with local travel Agents

The agents will charge you a fee for their service; this is a perfect option since they can hold a travel ticket for seven days or even more. However, they usually charge you around 10% of the actual amount, though it will not be fixed.

Booking a Ticket with a Hold Option for a Fee by Airlines

The thing is that not every airline offers a flight booking option, so before planning to make your reservation, you should do some research to find the right flight to book your ticket. Various airlines will hold your ticket switch for a small fee( 10-30 $). The length of the holding ticket would depend upon the airline. 

Where do I find my travel itinerary?

To find the travel itinerary, you can google the Airline name + Manage my booking, or you can visit the airline’s homepage and look for the option called Manage my booking. Through this, you will be able to find your travel itinerary.

Can you get a flight itinerary without paying?

Yes, you can get a flight itinerary without paying the total amount for the airline ticket with simple steps: 

  • Go to Visa Reservation.
  • Select the right travel package 
  • Submit your flight details and complete the payment process
  • Then, you will receive an email with all the details of your flight.
  • Print that email and provide it at the time of the visa interview session.

Bottom Line

The Tip to get a flight itinerary for visa application is that most flight reservations are up to 72 hours, whereas a confirmation for a visa might take up to 14 days. Hence, you should know the process of how to hold the booked flight reservation for a more extended period. You can do it in various ways according to your choices. However, remember that you should always reserve a round-trip flight booking.

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