How to book a round trip reservation or flight itinerary for visa application

Book a round trip reservation or flight itinerary for visa application

When you are planning to go outside and you need a visa for that country then each time the embassy or consulate of that country will ask you as a foreign national to prove that you hold a booked flight itinerary and/or your round trip flight reservation. Your flight itinerary is not your actual flight ticket for which you have to spend money and it can always be done free of cost apart from paying a symbolic money to the airline to provide a flight itinerary. Along with flight itinerary you also need round trip reservation which is not an actual flight ticket and this document of round trip reservation shows that you have reserved a seat for flying on a specific date, to a particular destination on a specific airline. These two documents are essential to submit to embassy or consulate in order to apply for a visa application.

Book a round trip reservation or flight itinerary for visa application

You can book a round trip reservation on the airline on which you are planning to fly to your travel destination. You can do it online on the website of the airline. You can note that your reservation on the flight is generally valid for a week only unless you get your flight booking confirmed by buying the flight ticket. After a week your reservation will be cancelled if you don’t buy the ticket.

Another thing that you can book from the airline to apply for your visa application is your flight itinerary. By paying a small amount or no amount at all you can get it from the airline and then submit to the embassy.

Reserve a flight ticket without paying

Reserving a flight ticket without paying is available with airlines. Reservation is different from an actual Flight Ticket or a Booked Flight Ticket is. Reservation is a document which shows that you have a reserved seat for flying on a specific date, in a particular destination with a particular airline. Generally the reservation or booking is valid only for a week, so you should be careful about that. The airline might cancel your reservation if you do not buy the flight ticket until then risking losing money you spent on the reservation.

You should not pay reservation amount until you get visa. You can get your reservation online easily and then get a print out for visa application.

Book flight reservation for visa application

You can book your flight reservation for visa application online from the website of the airline by paing a small amount and not the full amount of the ticket as you should not pay it until you get your visa successfully. Major airlines allow you to book flight reservation for visa application. You can call them also.

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