Air Europa Pet Policy | How to book a Pet at Air Europa

Air Europa is Spain's third-largest airline and is also a full member of the Star Alliance group. Air Europa allows pets on its flights on all significant routes for travelers' simple journeys. However, according to some guidelines, only specific pets are allowed on Air Europa flights, and they carry domestic dogs or cats. To carry Pets, travelers should also inform the airline's customer agents or fill out the online form before the original trip. Further, they should know about the cost associated with Pet carrying and learn which particular dogs or cat breeds are allowed on Air Europa flights.

What rules will help you while carrying Pets on Air Europa?

Traveling with Pets can be easier when you know all about Air Europa's terms and conditions. If you do not know much about its rules and now want to know the complete Air Europa Pet Policy, you are advised to go through the online instructions discussed.
  • Up to 5 Pets can accompany you at Air Europa between the Hold and carbon. For more than 5 Pets, you should contact Air Europa Cargo flights.
  • Sometimes, Air Europa may refuse to transport your Pets if any non-compliance issue occurs.
  • On short- and medium-haul flights, pets, such as small dogs, cats, and birds, are allowed except for their prey, fish, and aquarium turtles.
  • For long-haul routes, you can carry dogs and Pets in the Cabin, expertly traveling with Air Europa Business class.
  • Pets should be three months old to fly in the Air Europa cabin and must be vaccinated.
  • You can carry Pets in the ventilated approved carriage so that dogs or cats and make sure such Pets can move or stand in comfortable positions.
  • A maximum of up to 3 Pets of the same species are allowed for free on the Cabin containers.
  • Air Europa does not allow pets to fly in the emergency room under XL seats.
  • The maximum allowable carrier size should be 55X5X25 am, respectively, and the overall weight, including Pets and Cabin, should not exceed 10 Kg, respectively.
  • Similarly, the allowable Pets weight on the Air Europs Cabin is less than 8 kg.
  • Only maximum up to 2 Pets are allowed of similar sizes and breed in the Air Europa hold section.
  • The overall weight for pets in Hold should not exceed 14 Kg. Similarly, if the weight exceeds, contact the Air Europa Cargo support departments.
  • According to IATA rules, Pets must be transported in rigid carriers with metal doors on Air Europa flights.
  • Similarly, all dogs must be muzzled to prevent physical damage to the carriage or harm to other passengers on the flights.    

How to reserve flight tickets for Pets on Air Europa?

Pets can travel on board or in the aircraft's hold section based on their specifications, breeds, and overall weight. Still, if you have queries like how to Book a Pet on an Air Europa flight, you can go through the online procedures highlighted here. Pet booking on Air Europa is normally done after travelers' reservations but before 24 hours of departure.  
  • Visit the Air Europa official page:
  • Navigate the "Manage your reservation" tab and click the "Add Extra" link.
  • Enter your booking reference code and surname to access the ticket details.
  • You can now choose the Pet Allowance or Pet Selection tab.
  • Fill out the number of Pets you want to carry and pay the applicable charges.
  • Thus, your Pets will be added to Air Europa flights.

Can I contact Air Europa Cargo for Pets?

When you need any clarification regarding the pet allowance on Air Europa Cargo flights, you can contact its customer service by Phone. You can call the Air Europa Cargo team using the customer service number, 934 90 40 38, and ask about the necessary rules before carrying any pets. You can even ask for assistance regarding the pet allowance and its related charges. The available executives will help you with your Pets in the best possible ways.

What is the price for Pets on Air Europa?

The price of pets will vary when you choose different routes with Air Europa flights. However, the lists below show the price of each well-known location's Air Europa Pets.
Pet Prices in the Cabin:
  • Spain mainland and Balearic: $36 per Pet.
  • Canary Island, Europa, and Africa: $52 for a single Pet.
  • On all long-haul routes, such as Miami, New York, and Punta Cana, a single Pet costs $155.
  • Some other long-haul routes: $181 per Pet.
Pet Prices in the Hold:
  • Spain mainland, Canary interisland, and Balearic: $93 per Pet.
  • Interamerica, Canary Island, Europa, and Africa: $155 for a single Pet.
  • On all long-haul routes, such as San Jose, Miami, New York, and Punta Cana, a single Pet costs $310.
  • Some other long-haul routes: $361 per Pet.
For more details about the Pet-related costs, visit the Air Europa official page and view all the associated costs. 

What documents are required when traveling with Pets on Air Europa?

You must carry some essential documents whenever you want to travel with your Pets at Air Europa, irrespective of routes. These necessary documents are given below.
  • To carry Pets on the Air Europa flight, you must get health insurance documents from an official veterinarian within 10 days of the original trip.
  • Rabbie vaccination proof is required, which assures your Pets are free from any viral diseases.
  • Similarly, in Europe, besides the Anti-rabies vaccination, Pets should also have European passports as travel companions.   

What specific breeds are Prohibited on Air Europa flights?

Some dog and cat breeds are restricted from using Air Europa flights because of unfavorable respiratory or temperature-sensitive conditions at higher altitudes, which may risk their lives. However, you can carry such Pets only if they are below 10 Kg under the Cabin. Otherwise, some of the non-permitted breeds at Air Europa are listed below in the following points.
  • Dogs: American Bully, Boston Terrier, all Boxer breeds, Can Corso, Griffon Bruxellois, Lhasa Apso, Staffordshire bull terrier, pitbull, and all bulldog breeds.
  • Cats: Burmese,  Exotic Cat, Himalayan, Burmese shorthair, and Persian Cat. 
These Pet breeds often have strong muscles, parallel but robust front legs, athletic configurations, and endurance. Hence, prior to carrying any allowable breed of dogs or cats, learn all the Air Europa Pet rules. 

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