How Can I Get Out of Paying My Baggage Fees? (Top Ways)

Before planning a trip, every deviser determines the budget for each trip. Based on this, it moves with other planning options like booking, hotels, etc. Out of everything, some of them ask "how to avoid baggage fees" to save more bucks and spend them at their destination. Well, an idea is never bad if it is about saving bucks. Thus, the following discussion is all about the same. Once you go through them, you will find the 10 proven hacks based on which you can save the charges generally imposed on baggage for exceeding it or in any other way. So, take note of them;

Potential tips to avoid baggage fees. 

A solo traveler may not be very interested in finding such hacks, or they want the process to be efficient; however, those flying with their families, kids, etc., often search for some tips to avoid at least baggage charges on the airline. Generally, the fee range starts from $25 and goes up to $120 (depending upon the type of flight you prefer). So, to know such windows, you need to examine the following discussion; 

1. Choose the one that doesn't charge. 

Below are the points that will give you a basic idea about how to avoid a baggage fee; please take note of them; 
  • Many airlines in the market offer the best services, and some airlines do not charge for baggage. 
  • Many airlines allow you to carry 1 checked bag on International or Transatlantic and Transpacific flights; however, you must identify which airline offers such a service. 
  • Some airlines do not charge their Business or First Class fliers for first baggage and second (not every airline). Thus, identify the same as well.  
  • However, you need to search for the same information about the airline on the search bar. You will get a list of the airlines, choose one, read their policies, and make your reservations. 

2. Shop at your destination. 

Another way to avoid a fee for carrying luggage with the concerned airline is shopping at the destination. Just think about winter coats, boots, etc., cover the larger space, and if you avoid packing them and purchase them at the destination, you can save bucks. However, it is not restricted to this; you must prevent liquid things as they cover more space. 

3. Become an elite club member. 

Becoming an elite club member can be beneficial because it can help avoid a baggage fee and bring other perks, such as free cancellation, priority check-in, etc. However, read the points and know how it can help to avoid a baggage fee; 
Earning Elite status with the airline is tricky but possible; if you earn it, some airlines offer Premier Silver Status and Sky Miles, based on which you may not need to incur any baggage charges. 
Flying often with your concerned airline and earning status is a challenging task. If it is done, you will enjoy the perks of carrying additional luggage at no cost. 
You can also contact the concerned airline about the ongoing programs or plans to follow them. 

4. Ask about the deals and avail. 

Many airlines propose last-minute deals through which passengers, irrespective of class, flight, etc., can avoid a baggage fee. However, you can also redeem miles to get more discounts buy upgrading your flight and purchasing excess baggage service at low or almost no cost. 

5. Airlines Credit Card. 

Sometimes, the source of payment can be beneficial to avail of no baggage fee services. Read the points for more information;
  • Some cards, such as Visa Signature and Citi/AAdvantage/Platinum Select cards, allow fliers (up to 6 members with the same reservations) to carry their first checked baggage for free. 
  • Sky Miles and other cards allow you to carry 2 checked baggage at no expense. 
  • Thus, approach the officials to learn about the cards.  

6. Ship your baggage. 

Shipping your bag before your flight date is a good idea. This can help avoid any surcharges the concerned airline imposes for exceeding the baggage limits. Avail the shipping service with providers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. This may be a little hectic, but at the end of the day, this will not strain your pocket. 

7. Pick Higher Class. 

Indeed, the higher classes are costlier, but if you reserve them, you get different perks. Thus, Avoid Economy Class and schedule First or Business Class. You will find almost every airline allows you to carry checked luggage at no cost. Some airlines (in First or Business Class) allow one free checked baggage while others allow two or more. Thus, it varies from airline to airline. 

8. Pack luggage within the measurements.

The main trouble arises when one needs to learn about the baggage rules of their concerned airlines. Thus, it is always recommended that one go through the baggage policy. However, go through the points to learn its importance;
  • You must be thorough with your concerned airline's measurements, weight, size, etc..
  • If you pack light, you need not worry; no additional fee will be charged. 
  • Find all the rules on the official website or call the official. 

9. Lightweight Brief/Suitcase.

You may ignore the fact that if the airline can carry 60 pounds of luggage, 10 would belong to the suitcase. Thus, you must purchase a lightweight bag to pack more luggage. Many fliers use this method because additional charges are imposed if you exceed the limits, and the worst case can be denial to carry it.
Thus, to avoid it, you must find luggage under 10 pounds. 

10. Use a Military Discount. 

Some airlines allow active-duty military personnel to carry checked baggage at no extra charge, while others allow active and retired personnel to carry checked baggage at no extra charge. The number of checked bags varies from airline to airline; for example, some allow carrying 2 checked bags. 
  • You may get a higher military discount (especially for on-duty personnel). 
  • Hence, you must check your luggage policy (on your airline's website). 
You must never avoid the abovementioned techniques when hedging. Users always avoid straining their pockets. These methods apply to almost every airline. 

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