How does Delta eCredit Work

Get Complete Info on How Delta E-Credit Works

In today's claiming refund for cancelled reservations has become simpler after the introduction of various online services. Moreover, few airlines even offer credits to passengers like Delta eCredits that can be redeemed for the purchase of flight tickets. 

So, for the passengers who have recently cancelled booking with Delta and claimed eCredit and looking for details on How does Delta E credit Work, they can go through the details mentioned in this article. 

What exactly is Delta eCredit, and how it works?

As per the Delta Airline policy, eCredit is a monetary value offered to the passenger as credit that one can redeem for flight ticket payment and other government taxes. 

Moreover, apart from the refund amount, eCredits includes the following things:

  • eGift
  • Transportation credit voucher
  • Delta Dollars compensation for denied boarding
  • Delta travel voucher for the unused value of the ticket
  • Miscellaneous charges

How can one redeem the eCredits for their Delta booking?

For the passengers looking for details on How does Delta E credit Work, as per the airline policies:

  • For ticket purchase: The passenger can make use of three eCredits during the ticket purchase. 
  • For ticket change: And in case of ticket change, the passenger can redeem a maximum of three eCredits. 

Further, for redeeming the eCredits, the passenger needs to select the payment option as eCredit and complete the payment process. And if required, one can even pay government taxes using the same.

Common FAQs related to Delta eCredits 

1) How can one make use of Delta eCredits? 

The passenger can make use of the Delta eCredits by logging into the SkyMiles account and applying the same towards the payment of flight tickets or other government taxes. 

Alternatively, the passenger can follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Begin the process by visiting the page. 
  • Now, the passenger needs to enter the ticket number and click on the Lookup button. 
  • Then, validate the eCredit and select the ones that need to be redeemed.
  • Further, continue the flight search and redeem the same. 

2) How long are Delta eCredits good for redemption? 

As per the airline policies, the passenger needs to redeem the eCredit within one year of the issue date. 

3) Can Delta eCredits can be redeemed for someone else? 

Yes, Delta eCredits can be redeemed for someone else's ticket without any restrictions. And it is not required the other passenger should travel with the eCredit holder. 

4) How can one use Delta eCredit for cancelled flight? 

The passenger can redeem the eCredit for a cancelled flight by visiting the official page or visiting the ticket counters at Delta, KLM, and Air France. 

5) Can Delta eCredit can be refunded? 

There is no refund for eCredit. However, one can confirm the same by contacting airline.

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