How do I contact interjet customer service

How to talk to someone at Interjet Customer service?

Interjet Airlines is most popular in terms of perfect deals and offers to book your flight ticket at an affordable cost simply. It offers the best flight Interjet vacation for one-ways and the round trips along with the promotional code. It is superb to have the greatest deal when you are going to book a flight ticket on Interjet Airlines; however, if you are having any confrontation with the trouble in the booking and other flight services, you are always free to contact our customer service at any time.

But if you don’t know the ways and asking that how do I contact Interjet to talk to someone, you can have different ideas to complete the task soon. Let’s know the ways of contacting and talk to someone at Interjet as showing down:

By email services:

When you are required to collect some useful information before flight booking or making a trip, you can simply send an email with the queries’ details to our interjet customer service and wait for the response within one working day.

By Phone call: 

  • Dial phone number USA 1-866-285-9525. Mexico City (55) 1102-5555. Elsewhere in Mexico 01-800-011-2345

  • To talk to someone at Interjet by just pressing 2 and 5 buttons. Through the phone number, you can get instant support anytime.

By Chat service:

Through chat, you can also get instant help while talking on chat with someone regarding flight service and by doing this you can make your flight service perfect.

Services provided by Interjet Support Team:

Interjet customer service offers the support team for the best services including:

  • Accepting refund requests after the cancellation.

  • Get the flight schedule prior to book your flight.

  • Providing help for the pet policy during flight booking.

  • Offering extra baggage allowance at the cheap rate per head.

  • Get the flight check-in details before 2 hours of the flight departure and so on.

Interjet Booking related Faqs:

Q1: What could be the baggage limit in each fare?

 It is observed that every fare allows you to take 10 kg for carry-on baggage into 2 pieces in the business class in the international flight service. In the domestic flight, you can carry two bags with a limit of 20 kg that you can at least two in the Economy and three in the Business class simply.

Q2: Where can I buy a flight ticket?

You can buy a flight ticket on our booking website or you can contact our customer representatives who are available to help you regarding booking any time.

Q3: Is it possible to change the destination of my flight?

Yes, it is really possible to change the destination. You can also modify the route by just checking out the availability of the space in the new flight that helps you to change the destination with ease.

Q4: What service offered by the Interjet customer service call center?

Book flight tickets and queries related to existing reservations :

Interjet Contact us 24/7 for various places:

  • USA 1-866-285-9525
  • Mexico City (55) 1102-5555
  • Elsewhere in Mexico 01-800-011-2345
  • Canada 1-844-874-4053
  • Colombia 01-800-952-0704
  • Costa Rica 0-800-052-1588
  • Guatemala 1-800-835-0357
  • Peru 0-800-0-0714


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