How Do I Contact Iberia Customer Service

How Do I Get Assitance from Iberia Airlines Customer Service

Iberia Airlines is a well-known flight service provider that offers excellent traveling experience to the passenger during the journey. Iberia Airlines provides full assistance to the customers related to all the services provided to them. Iberia Airlines provides support services to customers through different channels, some of which are direct while the others are indirect. Therefore to know thoroughly about the methods of contacting Iberia Airlines, their commitment policy for the customers, and the benefits available by contacting them is discussed below.

What are the different ways of Contacting Iberia Airlines?

There are multiple channels through which you can contact the customer care department of Iberia Airlines for obtaining any sort of service-related assistance. Iberia Airlines contact number, live chat, email are some of the options to contact them. Hence the ways of contacting Iberia Airlines customer care are discussed below:

Customer care number

  • 1 (800) 772-4642 this is the toll-free phone number of Iberia Airlines that offers customer service through a dedicated channel
  • This phone number offers help to the customer 24/7 and the best way of contacting Iberia Airlines customer care department

Live chat

  • Iberia Airlines customer care executives are also contactable instantly through a live chat portal available on its official website


  • Iberia Airlines has also a dedicated email ID through which they offer customer service to the people who are looking for help

Help pages

  • Iberia Airlines has also created help pages on several social media platforms from where you can collect customer service details

Know about the Customer Service Commitment Policy of Iberia Airlines?

Iberia Airlines provides a voluntary commitment policy for customer services as described below:

  • As per the commitment policy of Iberia Airlines, they offer the lowest fare through every direct distribution channel
  • They are committed to honor the agreeable fare after payment is made by customers
  • They have the policy to notify passengers about delay, re-routing or cancellation of flights
  • Provide assistance to the customer regarding delays, and commit for efficient baggage reclaim

What is the Process of Sending Complaints to Iberia Airlines?

The details about the process of complaining to Iberia Airlines by filling the claim form and checking status afterward are given below:

Process to fill the claim form

  • Visit the Iberia Airlines website and navigate to the claim form
  • Next on the claim form, you need to enter the reason for your claim first
  • After that, submit your booking code and ticket number in the booking details section
  • At last, press the continue button and your complaint is registered

The process to check the incident status

  • access the check incident status forms on the official website of Iberia Airlines
  • Further, you need to enter your reference number and the surname of the passenger
  • After that, select the document type and enter the document number too
  • Then press see the status button and your incident status will appear on the screen

What types of other assistance provided by Iberia Airlines?

Further details about the other kinds of assistance such as Iberia Airlines baggage tracking, finding lost objects etc., are explained below:

Baggage service center assistance

  • The baggage service center of Iberia Airlines sends an apology to the passengers who baggage is not delivered on time
  • They guarantee to do every possible thing to deliver the bag of a passenger to their address within 24 hours

Assistance to find lost objects

  • Iberia Airlines provides assistance for finding a lost object by the passenger
  • If any personal identification cards are lost by the passengers they are handover to airport authorities
  • They keep the lost property with them for only one month and perishable products are destroyed the next day

Assistance regarding flights status updates

  • Iberia Conecta services the special assistance to the passenger to keep them updated about their flight status via text messages and email

Know the benefits of connecting to the Iberia Airlines customer care?

Iberia Airlines customer service is very beneficial for the existing as well as the new passenger is the following ways:

  • Customer service of Iberia Airlines offers 24/7 support
  • Customer services are toll-free or available at standard charges
  • Instantly connect to a live representative for flight service-related assistance

Hence complete details related to the customer services available with Iberia Airlines are mentioned above with the details about ways of contacting then as well as the benefits of connecting to them. Besides, you can contact to the customer care center of Iberia Airlines anytime for full assistance.

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