How Do I Contact Alitalia Customer Service

Know about Alitalia customer services and ways to contact them?

Do you want to know the ways of contacting the customer service center of Alitalia and looking for a few other details about them? If so, then you can collect all the necessary information about the customer services available with Alitalia from the data discussed below.

Learn the ways to contact Alitalia customer service?

If you need to connect to the customer service center of Alitalia then there are multiple ways available to reach them. The most reliable ways to contact Alitalia customer services are as defined below:

  • To contact Alitalia customer service phone number you can dial this 1 (800) 223-5730 and get connected to live representative from who you can get help.
  • Registered email ID of Alitalia i.e. is another way to contact the customer services for receiving any reservation related assistance or filing any complaints
  • You can also send a fax to this number +1 212 903 3568 for reaching to the customer service of Alitalia regarding any service-related help

What services does Alitalia customer service offers?

Alitalia customer care center provides assistance related to several services to the people who are looking for help. To know the services available with the Alitalia customer care department, go through the data given below:

  • Alitalia customer care department offers the services related to a new booking or any issue a passenger might be facing with an existing booking
  • Customer support of Alitalia also provides the services to the customers related to additional service they offer with a reservation to the passengers
  • Customer support center of Alitalia also provides the service to the passengers regarding any complaints related to bad experience that is filed by them

Why does the customer service of Alitalia is good?

The points to define why does Alitalia customer service is good are enlisted below:

  • Customer service offered by Alitalia is so good because of the flexibility as well as the 24/7 assistance they provide to the passengers
  • Alitalia support center connects the customers to a live executive for a human touch that makes their services more satisfying
  • Customer services of Alitalia are good due to the reliability and the convenience they provide to the customers for reaching out to them from anytime

So the most significant details about Alitalia customer care are defined above that provides a brief review about the services they offer to the people looking for help.

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