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A Detailed Guide on Hawaiian Airlines Refund

Hawaiian Airlines is the tenth-largest airline in the commercial segment from the region of the United States. It is the largest operator for commercial flights that provides its services to many major destinations.

If you had a booking with Hawaiian Airlines that you couldn’t take, and now the only thing going on in your mind is Hawaiian Airlines Ticket Refund, and the thought of losing your money is eating you up. Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place, as the points mentioned below will help you understand all about how refunds work with Hawaiian Airlines in a detailed manner;

Hawaiian Airlines Refunds Rule

If you want to know about different rules with Hawaiian Airlines, then go through the points mentioned below to get a better understanding for the same;

Involuntary Refunds-

  • An Involuntary refund will only be provided to you under the below-mentioned criteria;
  • When you refuse to follow for any reason related to children or infants or if the airline refuses you to fly.
  • When there is any change, delays, or cancellation due to the airline’s fault.

If the ticket is Unused- 

  • If you haven’t used any portion of the ticket, then under the circumstance, you are entitled to get a complete refund of the amount you paid at the time of the booking or reservation.
  • If the ticket is partially Used- If you have a partially used ticket, then you’ll be provided with a refund in a way where the amount you will receive will be the result of the amount of the portion of the ticket you used subtracted from the amount you paid for the booking or the reservation of your flight.
  • You’ll need to remember that you would not get a refund if you were found at fault and missed your flight because of your circumstances. In that case, you would not get any refund with an Involuntary refund ticket.

Voluntary Refunds- 

In case you bought a refundable ticket and now you are thinking about Voluntary refunds;

  • You’d be provided with a refund only if you purchased the ticket with the help of the official website of Hawaiian Airlines or with the use of making a phone call to the reservations department of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • You can expect the amount you paid as the booking price if your ticket is unused. In case you have some used portion, then you’ll be provided a refund according to the remaining portion you have in your account.

Other Refunds- 

if you purchased a ticket for a higher class or a seat with extra comfort and you were downgraded at the time of boarding your flight, in that case, you’ll be provided with a refund of the remaining amount. The amount for the seat or cabin class you got subtracted from the seat or the class you paid for will be the amount you will be getting as a refund from Hawaiian Airlines.

Refunds FAQs

How much time will it take for Hawaiian Airlines to process the refund?

  • If you have a refund that you are supposed to get from Hawaiian Airlines, then the time will entirely depend upon your payment method;
  • If you made the payment with the help of your credit card, in that case, you could get a refund within 7 business days.
  • If you made the payment with the help of cash, cheque, or with the use of any other payment method, in that case, you could expect the refund to reflect within 20 business days.

Is there any service fee for a ticket refund?

Yes, there's a service fee for ticket refunds as well; if you disapprove of getting a future travel credit with Hawaiian Airlines for the coming 12 months, then you can get your money back by paying a service fee as listed below;

  • You’ll have to pay 25 dollars if you have a booking within the State of Hawaii.
  • You’ll have to pay 100 dollars if you have a booking within the Continental USA.
  • You’ll have to pay 100 dollars if you have a booking from the State of Hawaii to the Continental USA.

Note that if you are a Military or Government official and you were on an office tour, then no service fees will be withheld.

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