Frontier Airlines Pet Policy: Fees and ESA Tickets

Do you have a pet? Are you planning to fly somewhere to beat the summer crowds? Did you pick Frontier Airlines over others to fly yet confused about how to book a pet on Frontier flight? What are the rules? Does Frontier charge bucks for carrying a pet? What pets are permitted? So, if you are to find the same information, then the given tabs will hit the right spot by providing you complete details on the same so you are sure about the rules; please have a look:

Understand the Pet Rules on Frontier

Can you leave your pet behind alone for days when you have to go out for a trip? Of course, it's not possible, nor is it ethical. Thus, considering the connections of fliers with their pets, there is a Frontier Airlines Pet Policy in which every rule associated with the same is mentioned. These points will assist you in the long run to find out how it works; please have a look:

Jot down some essential things before travelling with pets.

A flier must know some factors before flying with their pets. Thus, for your convenience, below are those key points; kindly go through them to have a hassle-free start to the journey; 
  • You are not permitted to carry your pet as checked baggage. 
  • You can incur an advance direction charge to the airline during booking; however, it's not compulsory. You can also pay for it at your pet's check-in. 
  • In addition to your pet's travel container, you are permitted to take a personal item (8" H x 14" W x 18" L) or carry-on luggage (10" H x 16" W x 24" L). 
  • Avoid giving food to your pet for at least 4 hours before the departure. 
  • It is recommended that you monitor the applicable laws, customers, and other concerns and regulations of the State or country in which you are carrying your animal. 
NOTE: Remember to verify the medical documents required to approve your pet flight. 

Pet Rules in the Cabin

Did you hear the airline is imposing charges for violating any set norms? If yes, then you have heard it right. You need to be sure about the pet you are carrying. Thus, you are suggested to take a sight at the pointers related to Pet in the Cabin; please have a look:
  • You are permitted to carry domesticated dogs and cats at least 8 weeks old. 
  • Pets such as cats, pigs, hamsters, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, or small birds can be carried only for US flights. 
  • You cannot carry large birds on board, such as mice, rats, reptiles, spiders, etc. 
  • You can carry your pet in the Cabin on all domestic flights, but International itineraries have some restrictions. 
  • Passengers with pets cannot sit in row one or an exit row.  
  • Your carrier must be spacious enough for your pet to move around quickly. 
  • You are advised to avoid providing food or water to your pet. 
  • Remember, for all International flights, only domesticated dogs and cats are permitted. 
  • You must keep your pet in the carrier during the travel. 
NOTE: Frontier does not provide oxygen or other animal medical support onboard. Thus, to avoid any hassle, it is suggested that you carry all the precautions or medicines the doctor has prescribed. 

Keep factors related to "Pet's Container" in mind; 

Frontier Airlines has also set some rules dedicated to the containers, such as their size, measurements, etc. Thus, take note of the points carefully as mentioned below; please have a look:
Your pet carrier must have enough space to allow a pet to move around, sit, and lie down without any hassle, 
The carrier's dimensions must not exceed 18" in length x 14" in width x 8" in height. Ensure the container has a soft-sided case. 
Your pet must remain in the carrier during the travel. 

Pet Health and Wellness

You may not be required to provide a medical certificate for a pet traveling within the US. However, some other states may need it, and if you are flying Internationally, you must present a medical certificate or health-related document. You can call the concerned state department to know more about the same. Apart from that, below are some more points you need to keep in mind that are related to the pet's medical/health certificate; please have a look:
  • The medical certificate must include the name and address of the owner, animal species, country, etc. 
  • The Certificate must be updated. (The number of days is fixed according to the country; thus, to find yours, either call the official or visit the official website.) 
  • Your pet must be immunized against rabies within 12 months. (For adults pets 3 months of age or older). 
  • If you still have doubts, contact the agents who will resolve your concerns associated with services. 

How do you add a pet to your Frontier flight tickets?

To learn about the procedure to add a pet to Frontier Airlines booking, you need to go through the sections to unlock everything about the same; 
Add a pet via online mode. 
  • Visit the official Frontier Airlines website to start the mode. 
  • You need to hit the "Manage your Booking" tab, enter all the information, such as the PNR Number, name, etc., and find your flight. 
  • Hit the "Add Special Services" option to continue. 
  • You can add a pet from this tab only. 
NOTE: If you want to add a pet during the initial booking process, you need to go to the "passengers info" page on the official website of Frontier Airlines, where you have to click the option "Cabin Pet," you can add the number of fliers, etc. 
Approach the official at the airport. 
If you cannot add a pet on Frontier Airlines via the above-mentioned methods, you can contact the agent at the airport. You must provide all the information about your pet, etc., so they can complete the method. However, remember that you must incur an additional fee for your pet. 

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