Emirates Hold My Fare- How to get 72 hours on Emirates?

What is Hold my Fare on Emirates?

Hold my Fare is a kind of feature provided by Emirates to the passengers that let allow you to hold your reservations for 72 hours. The means of Emirates Hold my Fare is that if your reservation is completely secure on that particular flight and you don’t need to pay any kind of extra charges if the fares increase until you book your flight. You can pay for your flight during 72 hours time period by using your booking number and name.

How do I use Emirates Hold my Fare?

It’s quite easy to use the Hold my Fare option provided by Emirates as you can choose this option when you will reach the payment page at the official Emirates website where you have to pay the reservations fee for Hold my Fare. You will be only charged a reservation fee if you don’t pay your fare within 72 hours. You can use the Hold my Fare option only with the Economy class and if you will use it with another product, then it will be automatically removed from your booking.

What is the fee for Emirates Hold my Fare?

It completely depends on the type of ticket, type of route, and ranges for any short, medium, or long-haul flights. The Emirates Hold my Fare fee is only applicable per passenger not to any infants travelling with you. You would not be charged any kind of fee if you pay for your fare within 72 hours of holding your reservation.

How to get 72 hours on the Emirates Flight?

Numerous passengers are aware of their destinations and suitable Emirates flights for it, but they are unsure about the travel date. In this scenario, they are in a dilemma to leave or reserve a ticket with this airline. However, Emirates has rolled out a scheme in which it allows every potential customer to hold its booking for 72 hours.
The Process to Obtain 72 Hours on Emirates Flight

  • In the beginning, visit the official Emirates website through your web browser.
  • Start the booking process and enter the details about the departure and arrival airport.
  • Next, choose your travel dates and the total number of travelers for your journey.
  • Select the flight according to your requirement and enter the details about the passengers.
  • Select the point that you want to add in your booking or not and enter move ahead.
  • Go to the check-out stage and select the Hold My Fare option; it will reserve your current flight fare for 72 hours.

If you want to continue with that price, you should go to the manage booking section and pay the required fee, if not then you don’t need to take any action. To gain more details to Get 72 Hours On Emirates, dial the contact number of Emirates support and ask them to provide you with your additional details.

What happens if you don’t buy flights ticket within 72 hours?

If you don’t buy your flight that you selected under Hold my Fare, then your reservation will be cancelled automatically and you will be charged the reservation fee that you quoted while using Hold my Fare on Emirates.com. You will only get the reservation fee in return that you pay for the reservation under the 72 hours time period.

Is Emirates offered Hold my Fare on every flight?

No, it doesn’t proffer Hold my Fare option on every flight as you can only get it to reserve a fare for the Economy Class on Emirates flights. You can simply utilize this service up to 24 days after the scheduled departure of the flight. It is not allowed to use Hold my Fare for any kind of special fares or flights and you can also check it at the official website of Emirates Airlines.

How do I pay for my held booking on Emirates?

It is quite simple to pay for your Hold my Fare as you can do that online after visiting the official website of Emirates Airlines and then click on the Manage Booking option. After that, you can enter the last name and booking number into the given field and then click on the Pay Now option to pay for your selected fare or booking. You can also contact the customer service team of Emirates Airlines to get the reliable and required assistance.

Can I hold my Emirates ticket?

You can simply hold your Emirates tickets after choosing the Hold my Fare option at the payment page whenever you reach the payment page after entering your flight details. You will be required to pay your reservation fee by entering your card details and you can only use this option for the Economy Class on Emirates.

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