Emirates EX Name Change Policy and Corrections

How Can I Change the Name of the Passenger on the Emirates Ticket?

  • Emirates name correction policy gives you the option to correct your name if it is misspelled on your Emirates flight ticket. There is a condition, you must request for the name change before the departure time of first flight of your itinerary.

  • Emirates name change policy is helpful for you if your name is changed legally (due to marriage etc.) you can change your name anytime throughout the journey.

  • By changing the name on the ticket, you will not be allowed to transfer the ticket to someone else.
  • You might be asked to submit your further name change documents as evidence in order to change the name in some cases

What is the Emirates Name Change Fee and Correction Fee? In Case of a Misspelled Name or Name Change

  • In all markets (except UK, India, and Brazil) you will be charged US$30 if the ticket is done directly from Emirates (Emirates website, ticket office or contact center) or from travel agent of another website both.
  • In the UK you will be charged GBP10 if the booking was done from Emirates (Emirates website, ticket office or contact center) and GBP20 if the ticket is booked from the travel agent or another website
  • In Brazil, there are no name change charges if the point of origin of your travel is Brazil or if the point of sale in Brazil
  • In India, there is no fee for the name change if the point of sale in India

How to Request the Name Change?

If the ticket was purchased from Emirates (Emirates website, ticket office or contact center) you can request for the name change via contact center or Emirates ticket office, at least 2 hours before the time of flight departure.

If the ticket was purchased from the travel agent or from the non-Emirates website you need to contact point of purchase, at least 4 hours prior to the flight departure time.

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