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EL AL Cancellation Policy

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  • When a booked flight is initiated to cancel within 24 hours of its purchase, there will be no cancellation charges for canceling the flight ticket.
  • Also, when there are less than seven days for the departure of the flight and the flight booking is being canceled under 24 hours of flight booking, the passenger will be required to pay the cancellation charges.
  • Only refundable flights and eligible flights can request a refund and will be processed within 7 working days. Moreover, non-refundable flight tickets will not get any refund. However, they will be rewarded with points or miles.
  • If you see any problem while getting a refund even after completing 7 days of requesting a refund, you will be required to contact the bank or payment interface through which you have completed the payment.
  • Besides, the amount of refund will be returned in the same way in which you have made the flight reservation on El AL Airlines. Also, the amount will be returned through the same currency in which the payment was made.

Aside from this, if you have any queries about the EL Al cancellation policy, you may get complete information by contacting the El Al customer service team. They will provide you all the required information.

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