How to Reach ITA Airways Customer Service | Live Chat,Email

ITA Airways provides different services, and if you want to avail of these services and want to speak to a live person at ITA Airways, dial ITA airways phone number+1 877-793-1717. This number is available 24*7 for assistance. And if you are trying to reach out to them from Canada, call +1 866-725-7077.

What is the email address of ITA Airways Customer Service?

You can get ITA Airways Customer Service by emailing them at their email address, in case you want to know about the airlines' services. Please have a look at the following email address by which you can reach out to the airlines:
  • For Special assistance - 
  • For complaints- 

How to speak to ITA Airways from Abroad?

In case you become eager to know about what ITA airways provide services to passengers, then to know about the services, you can get in touch on a number +39 06 85960020, and you will be provided with resolutions to all your queries. 

Does it cost money to Call ITA airway's Phone Number?

The charges on a call are based mainly on the number from which you are calling ITA Airways. Please go through the following numbers that will give an idea of whether it is free or paid:
  • If you reach out on a number 893 49049, then yes, you will be charged a fee.
  • If you are making a call from a Mobile, you will be charged 2 euros and 44 cents per minute, and 18 cents is your connection fee.
  • If you call from a landline, you will be charged 1 euro and 83 cents per minute, and 27 cents will be your connection fee.

How to get help from ITA Airways from Italy?

Suppose you are trying to reserve your seat or canceling your reservation, or you want to avail of the services of ITA Airways from Italy. You can easily reach out to them on ITA Airways Phone Number 800 936090 from Italy, and you will be provided help.

How to contact Ita airways through social networks?

For the feasibility of passengers, it has provided them the opportunity to get connected with ITA Airways on their social media channels, which are below:
  • Facebook @ITAAirways 
  • Twitter @ITAAirways 
  • Instagram

ITA Airways office address

The ITA Airways office address is Italy Air Transport S.p.A. XX Settembre, n. 97 Rome, Rome 00187 Italy.

Do ITA airways offer live chat support? 

Yes, it provides chat support. Please follow the steps to get chat support from ITA Airways:
  • Visit ITA Airways' website.
  • Go to "Customer center."
  • Tap on "Customer Center ITA" 
  • You will see a chat icon; tap on it to begin. 

Is ITA Airways customer service 24 hours?

No, ITA Airways services are not provided for 24 hours but are provided from 6 AM- 12 AM. (It varies from service to service.) 

How do I contact ITA Airways for New Bookings?  

Are you planning to book a flight ticket for ITA Airways? If yes, the best way to book your flight tickets is by calling their reservation department. You can contact them by using the reservation telephone number, 893 49049, and then follow a simple calling process that will make you talk with the ITA sales agent. They will help you make your new bookings and ensure your smooth flight.

What is ITA Airways Customer Service Number in UK? 

Imagine you have found an issue and need some support from their customer service department. You can call on ITA Airways Phone Number UK and follow the calling steps as directed below.
  1. Use +44 1904 211300 to dial from your phone.
  2. Choosing the call options provided on call.
  3. After selecting the required option, your call will be connected with the ITA representative. 
  4. Your concerns can be addressed to them, and then they will provide the solutions.

Customer service hours:

ITA customer service windows are open on weekdays, Monday-Friday between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, and Sunday\Saturday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

What is the best time to call ITA Airways? 

In case your call is facing a long waiting time, then you can call the ITA Customer Support department in the early hours of the day and the evening hours as well. These times usually have less call rush, and support agents can answer your call quickly.

Does ITA Airways have Toll free for Canada?

Yes, if you are calling from Canada, you can reach the Canadian ITA Airways Customer Service by dialing the toll-free number +1-866-725-7077 from your cellular device and following the regular ITA calling procedure to connect with the available ITA support representative. 

What is the 800 number for ITA Airlines?

ITA Airways has several support teams handling customers' concerns and requests. Their support team can be reached by using the 800 toll-free number. You can contact them on 800 936090 and get the required help immediately.
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