Lost Baggage Compensation- A Guide to Claim Compensation

Are you looking for information on how you can submit a claim for lost baggage compensation? Landing at your destination only to discover that your luggage has gone missing drives you insane. It happens to passengers from time to time, and they struggle to comprehend how to cope with such a situation on the spot. Mainly when valuables and documents are lost in this process ruins your trip. An airline is completely liable for a passenger's lost luggage, for which they have particular duties that must be met. If your checked luggage is lost, you have the legal right to seek compensation from the airline. This page will provide you with information on how to file a claim for lost luggage compensation.

What are ways to Claim compensation for lost baggage?

You can find detailed instructions on filing a claim for lost luggage and ensuring that you receive any compensation you are entitled to here. More information about the ways to claim lost baggage compensation is below.

  • Report lost luggage at baggage claim desk
  • Fill out the form for Property Irregularity Report
  • Submit a claim for lost luggage
  • Receive compensation for lost luggage

1. Report lost luggage at baggage claim desk

Immediately report your lost bags to the luggage kiosk prior to leaving the airport. Don't leave with the idea of calling the airline later when you can't find your baggage at conveyor belt upon arrival.

You must notify the airline of your lost luggage prior to departing the airport, or else your compensation claim may be revoked.

2. Fill out the form for Property Irregularity Report

When filling out Property Irregularity Report form, be as specific as possible. It would be better if you ideally made a checklist of all goods in your lost baggage, along with their estimated worth.

Under Montreal Convention, you would be entitled to compensation for missing luggage. If an airline does not give it, you have the right to obtain money for necessary things in your lost luggage.

3. Submit a claim for lost luggage

If your baggage hasn't been discovered within 21 days since you arrived at your destination for an international trip, it will be considered lost. You can now claim compensation for your lost luggage.

There is no set limit beyond which your luggage is considered lost on a domestic flight. However, most airlines' rules on the subject range from 5 to 14 days, allowing you to claim compensation before international trips.

4. Receive compensation for lost luggage

The majority of luggage claims take between one and three months to resolve. Please note that even if your luggage appears after it has been deemed lost, you will still receive compensation.

How much compensation amount do you get for lost baggage?

Every passenger has the legal right to claim compensation from the airline if their checked luggage is misplaced. Would you mind reading the points listed below for further information on how much compensation you can get from an airline for lost luggage?

The average compensation you get from an airline for lost baggage is $1,525 – $3,500 according to U.S. & Montreal Convention passenger rights.

Apart from that, a traveler also has the right to receive money for necessary goods in lost luggage before it is officially certified lost, directly at the airport.

What are the Documents required to file a compensation claim?

A traveler must file a claim for lost luggage immediately after it has been lost, which is 21 days after the airline declares it lost. To claim compensation for lost baggage, you will be required to provide the documents specified below.

  • The boarding pass of the passenger whose baggage is lost.
  • Labels that have a bar-code and number to identify passenger's baggage.
  • Documentation that a passenger has reported the incident, such as the Property Irregularity Report form or an airline email.
  • Receipts for items that a passenger had to purchase due to a delay.
  • Evidence of purchase for the lost items by a passenger is required, such as the receipts or credit card bills.
  • A passenger must take pictures of any harm to their baggage or its contents.
  • A passenger has to show documents for the estimates of any repairs they are demanding from the airline, such as from a baggage repair company.

Some relevant FAQs related to lost luggage compensation

The most often asked questions by travelers about lost baggage compensation and appropriate responses to each of them are included below.

Do airlines compensate for lost luggage?

When an airline confirms that a passenger's luggage has been lost, it is liable for compensating them for the contents of their baggage, according to depreciation and liability restrictions.

How to fill the PIR (Property Irregularity Report)?

You have to be as precise as possible when filling out the Property Irregularity Report form. Also, it would be best if you generated a checklist of all of the items in your lost luggage with their approximate value.

What are the Airline responsibilities when you lost your baggage?

An airline is fully responsible for a passenger's missing luggage, for which they have specific responsibilities as outlined below.

  • If your lost baggage is not being found by an airline within 21 days of your arrival at any destination, they are responsible for compensating you.
  • The airline is also responsible for refunding individuals for necessary products when a traveler learns their luggage is lost.

When does an airline consider luggage lost?

When an airline is unable to find your baggage within 21 days from actual arrival at the airport, it is considered a lost item. In such circumstances, the traveler must make a new claim with the airline for compensation, including all of the missing items, their costs, and the dates of purchase.

Therefore, you can find out the most relevant information on how to claim compensation from an airline for lost luggage by learning about specific associated factors relating to the same issues described above. The information provided above for obtaining compensation for missing baggage is nearly the same for all the major airlines, but there may be minor differences. Furthermore, if you were traveling with a certain airline and later misplaced your luggage after arriving at the airport, you may contact their baggage claim desk directly to find out what you should do next.

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