American Airlines Vouchers Types and How to Redeem?

American Airlines offers vouchers for future bookings, which work as a gift card or a coupon. These can be used for different purposes, such as goods or services to avail, booking a new flight, taking up different advantages, and many more. Travel vouchers also work as an alternative to the refund for any reason that they provide. With American Airlines, travel vouchers can have multiple uses, such as food vouchers, inn vouchers, and many more. Other than this, various other details can help you learn more about the same, for which you can read through the details below. 

Validity of American Airlines Vouchers. 

For every voucher that American Airlines credits to its customers, there is a particular expiry of it. The required information for the same is as follows: 
  • A voucher's validity is one year from the date it is issued. After the expiry date, it cannot be reissued. No vouchers can be used after their expiry. 
  • Vouchers with invalid numbers shall not be entertained. 
  • The vouchers unavailable in the airline's framework cannot be used. 

Different types of American Airlines Vouchers

American Airlines offer and issue different types of credits, such as Trip Credit, Flight Credit, and Travel Vouchers. Each of them has its perks and benefits. Thus, before availing of any of it, read through the details of American Airlines flight credit from the information given below: 
1. Trip Credit
  • A trip credit is issued for any compensation, refunds, and remaining value when exchanging Flight Credit that was raised for the booking you had on the airline. 
  •  This is valid for non-award trips starting from the US and with selected countries. 
  • A maximum of 8 to 9 passengers are allowed for the voucher so that you can make the booking and contact the airline for a reservation of more than 9 people.
  • You can use the same while making the booking or for those reservations which are on hold with an American flight. The trip credit you receive is valid for one year from the issue date. 
2. Flight Credit
  • Flight Credits are generally issued for canceled or unused tickets, valid for a year from when the original booking was made. 
  • The new travel must begin within a year from when the original ticket was booked. 
  • This credit is available for non-award trips; one booking can be made for one travel credit. For more than one reservation, you should contact the airline on for the help you want. 
  • Only the same passenger can use the name on which the flight credit has been issued.
  • You can redeem the credit with the booking on the airline or pay the hold fare of one reservation. 
3. Travel Vouchers
  • Having to be valid for only flights up to a year of their issue date, travel vouchers are issued for paper vouchers. 
  • At the maximum, it can be used for 8 passengers, and to redeem the voucher, you can contact the reservations for the details of the ticketing requirements and options in the place you hail from. However, it cannot be used for availing extra baggage and seats you want on the airline. 

How to redeem travel credits? 

With American Airlines trip credit, it can be easily redeemed using the given steps as follows: 
  • Find the email you received from American Airlines to the registered email address. 
  • Copy the 13-digit trip credit number. 
  • While making the booking, enter the details and the information required. 
  • On getting advanced to the payment page, click the Trip Credit option. 
  • Then, enter the 13-digit number and make use of it. 
  • If there is any remaining amount needed to pay, you can follow the on-screen instructions and get the help you want. 
Travel credits you receive for various purposes can be easily used and redeemed for different types of facilities you plan to take up from the airline. Keep9ing in mind the terms and conditions of its usage; there are different ways to find and redeem them. These are explained in detail below. 


A trip credit is the one you receive if you are just an AAdvantage member. The steps for their usage are mentioned below. 
Find the credit:
  • Find the email with the subject “Your Trip Credit.” 
  • The number beginning with “00115” is the 13-digit number for the credit you have received. 
Redeem the credit- Once you get the trip credit, check for its validity and then proceed to make the booking with the help of the given steps: 
  • Go to the official Website of American Airlines official Website, 
  • From the book option, enter the required details and then click on search. 
  • From the multiple flight options you get, choose one and then proceed to the payments. 
  • On the page of payments, choose the trip credit option and enter the 13-digit number. 
  • Now, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the payment process. 
  • Use your credit card to complete the process if there is any pending balance. 
  • On completion, you shall receive an email with the ticket attached to the mail. 


Flight credits are the vouchers received upon canceling a booking from the airline. You shall receive the same if you are an AAdvantage member and your contact number is listed to the airline before making the reservation. The process for its usage is given below. 
Find the Credit: With the help of the given details, you can find the flight credit you have received. You can find it easily from the email or in the manage booking as follows: 
  • Email- In the confirmation or cancellation, you can find a 6-character confirmation and a 13-digit credit number with “001”. 
  • Manage Booking- You can find the required details from the manage booking on American Airlines' official Website. Salvage to the booking page, and you can find the flight credit details from the canceled trip you possess. 
Redeem the credit- You can deem the credit you have received by going through the given steps below: 
  • Reach the official Website, and with the required details from the Book section, find the flight you want to fly. 
  • Then, proceed to make the payment. 
  • On the payment page for the ticket, click on Add Flight credit and then enter the flight credit and apply the same. 
  • If there is any remaining amount, pay with your credit card. 


If there is any issue you have, you can easily find a solution for the same by getting to contact the airline or through the Website of the airline to find the required information related to vouchers which can be redeemed for different services. However, services can be availed with separate tickets rather than credit vouchers for upgrades, add-on seats, and extra bags. 
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