American Airlines Boarding Pass Policy| How to get it?

American Airlines Boarding Pass Terms and Conditions:

American airline is a major airline in America in terms of fleet size and passengers carried. The airline offers the best services whether it is onboard, at the airport, etc. If you have made your reservation with an American airline, you can easily check in with an American airline and get your boarding pass. The airline provides several options for it. You can get your check-in done online as well as offline to get your boarding pass. Once you get the boarding pass, you can board your flight and enjoy the journey. It is always recommended that you reach the airport on time. So that you can board your flight 30-20 minutes before departure. Moreover, the American airline has also introduced its app to get your American Airlines boarding pass easily; if you are curious to know how the mobile boarding pass works, stay connected.

How does mobile boarding pass work?

The mobile boarding pass is an electronic document you can use on personal mobile. Using mobile boarding pass, you can go through the security measures and board the craft. You can say it works like a paper ticket with your name, flight number, and QR code. The Security agents and flight staff can scan your QR code before you board the plane.

To use mobile boarding passes, you can download the American Airlines mobile app. Once you download the app, you can check in to our flight and download the boarding pass. You can open the boarding pass via SMS or email link in the mobile browser. In case you are an Apple user, you can open it with the help of a mobile wallet application. To open your mobile boarding pass, you should have a good internet connection.

Who is eligible to use mobile boarding pass?

If you want to use mobile boarding pass then, you should only have one person on the reservation. The travelers should travel on American airlines to U.S destinations and one of the 42 participating airports. The flight can be a nonstop, same plane direct flight, or connecting flight through a participating mobile boarding airport. In the case of round trip, if your first flight is not operated by American airlines, you will not use the mobile boarding passes. Besides this, if you have a pet, weapon, or firearm, you cannot use a mobile boarding pass.

How to get a mobile boarding pass on American airlines?

If your airport accepts the mobile boarding pass, you can download the American Airlines boarding pass using the steps below.

  • Check-in on the American airline's website and select Email with Mobile options
  • You can also check-in via the American airline mobile app, and the boarding pass will get stored on your device
  • Now you have to open your email on the mobile and click on the link to get a boarding pass
  • Save the boarding pass on your device so that you can access it easily at security and at the time of boarding
  • Ensure that the mobile boarding passes are visible on your screen when you show them to security

Do not forget to save your boarding pass

  • Once you download the boarding pass after check-in, do not forget to save your boarding pass. There are lots of benefits in saving mobile boarding passes, which are as below. 
  • It can help you to save your time and paper.
  • When using a mobile boarding pass, you have to scan the barcode on the screen while going through the airport checkpoints and at the gate during boarding the flight. 
  • It is the fastest and convenient way to get and save your boarding pass.
  • Using mobile boarding pass, you can keep all your information in one place.
  • With Android, you can check-in and save the boarding pass directly to Google pay from the app. When you view your boarding pass, you can click on save to phone at the top of the page. You will get a model where you can confirm saving the pass to Google pay.
  • With Apple, you can check n your flight and view your American Airlines boarding pass. You will see a button that states Add to Apple wallet; you can tap n it to save the boarding pass.

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