Alaska Airlines Group Travel

Everything you need to know about Alaska Airlines Group Travel: if traveling as a Group

Want to travel in a group? Whether you are planning a weekend trip, destination wedding or fan trip to a big game, the entire group can choose the Group Travel facility of Alaska airlines.

Different Types of Group Travel in Alaska Airlines?

The airline offers different options in group travel which vary according to the needs of groups and its members. They are explained below:

Travel separately:

If you are traveling in a group of 20 or more and they are departing from different cities for one destination, the airline offers a discount on the available prices at the time of booking a ticket. When you will contact the customer support of Alaska airlines, they will provide you with a discount code that can be used when the tickets are purchased through the website

Benefits of Travelling separate:

  • Online booking using discount code or through a travel agent.

  • The extended travel window allows the passengers to travel up to three days prior or three days after the trip.

  • Flexibility to choose flight timings based on personal convenience.

  • The airline offers tour conductor credits, which are earned according to the number of tickets purchased.

Travel together

If you want to book group travel for 10 or more passengers on the same flights and dates, the airline offers a discounted rate when the Alaska airlines reservation number is contacted.

Benefits of traveling together:

  • No deposits are required.

  • The name change is allowed by paying charges till three days prior to the departure.

  • No ticketing fee is charged from the passengers.

  • Get advance bookings for seats.

  • There is nothing like a minimum stay requirement.

Charter a flight

It is an ideal option for large groups when it lets you customize travel based on personal convenience.

Benefits book a charter flight:

  • Travel according to your own schedule.

  • Fly out from any private airport.

  • Have an entire aircraft for yourself.

To get more info about Alaska airlines group travel, you can reach out to the group desk of the airline. They can be contacted using the info provided on the Alaska Airlines website.


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