Aeromexico Pet Policy Guidelines

What is the pet policy of Aeromexico?

Mexico is a small country, based in the American continent and also becoming a major travel destination across the Globe. If you want you can easily book flights in Mexico based Airline Aeromexico Airlines which has flight services all across the Globe. Moreover, if you want you can also carry your pets along since Aeromexico give access to its passengers to travel. Carrying pets is a huge responsibility and hence people mostly avoid carrying pets with them. But in a state of any emergency or moving somewhere, you can easily carry pets with you on board. But for that, you need to follow some pet policies that are issued by every airline. To know about the Aeromexico pet policy tap on the below details.

Rules & Regulations of Aeromexico Pet Policy:

  • If you have decided to carry pets along with you, firstly get a full body checkup of your pet confirming if he or she is medically fit or not
  • Also, get a medical certificate issued by any good vet consultant
  • You can only carry small pups, cats or birds along with you who should at least be 8 weeks old
  • Per passenger-only one pet is allowed
  • Moreover, you have to pay extra for the pet apart from your tickets
  • Keep your pets locked in a carriage with enough ventilation  
  • You need to show the medical fitness document at the time of boarding
  • Pets especially dogs should be rabies-free and devoid of any allergy
  • They can sit in the main cabin only if locked in the carriage and kept under the seat
  • Also, make sure because of your pets, your co-passengers are not affected
  • Kids under 18 are not allowed to carry pets

Other Important points for Aeromexico Pet Travel:

Aircraft Number Carrier Reqirements No.of Pets Allowed in Cabin Maximum Pet Weights
E175 40x30x20 cm (16x12x8) 2 20 lb/9 kg *


40x30x20 cm (16x12x8) 2 20 lb/9 kg *
B737 40x30x20 cm (16x12x8) 4 20 lb/9 kg *
B777 40x30x20 cm (16x12x8) 4 20 lb/9 kg *
B787 40x30x20 cm (16x12x8) 4 20 lb/9 kg *

There are different costs for pets to carry depending upon if you are traveling within the US or out of the country. And that’s all for pet policies to carry pets in Aeromexico flight. in case of any doubt or query, contact on Aeromexico Reservations Number.

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