How Do I Use (Redeem) My Aer Lingus Flight Voucher?

Have you canceled your flight ticket for Aer Lingus? After cancellation, the airline's management sometimes provides the "Aer Lingus travel voucher refund" instead of the crediting money. It can be used for future travel purposes but with certain conditions.

Steps to Redeem Aer Lingus Voucher

  • Start booking your flight with Aer Lingus on its website.
  • Make Sure you have your voucher number and PIN with you or find an email from the email address in your registered email id's inbox.
  • Now, Enter Your PIN and Voucher number.
  • Choose the suitable flights, and at the time to complete the booking, click on the "Pay with Voucher" Section.
  • After all this, you will receive a confirmation email from Aer Lingus.

Who can apply for the refund voucher with Aer Lingus?

Yes, it is a valid question. When the person is going for the Aer Lingus flight cancellation, you must know who can apply for it. Go through the below-mentioned details:
  • In case the passenger does not get the money as a refund after the cancellation, they will be liable to get the travel voucher as a refund.
  • In several cases, airlines offer the facility of Travel refund vouchers to their passengers..
  • Sometimes, passengers can also directly apply for the travel voucher as a refund after cancellation in place of money. But it is up to the airline's management.

What can I use a refund voucher for?

After getting the refund voucher, customers have doubts regarding how to “use the Aer Lingus refund voucher.” We are concerned with different ways of using the refund vouchers in the below-mentioned points:

Purchasing of future flights:

Vouchers can be used for purchasing future flight tickets if you do not have enough money to buy the tickets. Travel refund vouchers are provided for future flight ticket purchases.

For shopping purposes:

Customers can also use the travel voucher to shop for various items like clothes and other items. But one thing is important to consider is that you should use the vouchers for purchasing purposes in authorized shops and malls.

For Hotel Booking:

Various five stars and seven-star hotels proceed with the booking through the voucher as payment. You are just required to put out your voucher number for further payment proceedings.

Lookout the Terms & conditions related to the refund voucher:

At last, it is important to get an overview of the conditions related to the vouchers. We are providing the points related to the travel vouchers in the below-mentioned pointers. Go through them carefully:

The redemption of the travel vouchers can only be performed on the official website of Air Lingus. Coupons cannot be redeemed for the patent airlines. It can also be redeemed at the Aer Lingus airport counters, reservation centers, etc.

  • From the initial issue date, vouchers remain valid for redemption for five years.
  • If you're looking for the gist vouchers, it is only issued in amounts or different currencies.
  • The redemption of vouchers can only be performed against the same currency at the time of issue.
  • If the passenger gains the vouchers through fraudulent practices, it is void and cannot be in operation.
  • In case the price of the ticket is more than the voucher, then the difference will be paid to the passenger via credit card.
  • If the credit remains in your voucher after the redemption procedure, then you can use the remaining in a future flight purchase.
  • Vouchers cannot be used to confirm the price lock or the deposit booking.
  • Customers cannot make or confirm the group booking by using the vouchers.
  • If the passenger has a voucher, they can use it to purchase food, beverages, hotel bookings, flight bookings, and other things.
  • In case after following the redemption of the voucher, any credit remains in the account. It can be used for future flight purchases but should be within the timeline of the validity period.
  • Certain categories of tickets are not considered for voucher refunds, like award tickets, non-refundable tickets, and others.

How long are Aer Lingus vouchers valid?

Your Aer Lingus voucher is valid for 5 years; you can redeem it on or use its application against booking in the same currency in the form of a voucher you use at the time of booking quickly.   

Where can I redeem my Aer Lingus voucher?

When you wish to redeem your voucher, it can only be redeemed for the Aer Lingus and Emerald Airlines flights booked on You can also find an application you can install on your device easily. Get specific ways to redeem Aer Lingus vouchers quickly.

  • First, visit the Aer Lingus booking website and select the booking tab that you can find on the same page.
  • It would be best to search for the redeemed flight credit, or you may check travel funds you can use when buying any flight, products, and services.
  • Go to the redeem section, select the amount, and enter the voucher details to redeem it accurately at any time.   

What can I not purchase through a voucher?

You can’t use your voucher when you purchase any gift cards or any other service you want to get outside the airport. You can’t buy any voucher and can, not transfer the amount in cash, and can’t have it resold or transferred to someone else quickly.  

Can I use More than one voucher at one time?

Yes, you can use More than one voucher at once by adding multiple voucher codes if necessary and purchasing your required item at the airport at your required time. You can also add a combination of one or more Aer Lingus vouchers and credit cards to buy the services online at your required time. 

How to manage your Aer Lingus Voucher?

Aer Lingus is one of the international air transport based in Ireland. It possesses a four-star rating from Skytrax, which indicates the quality and availability of necessary elements offered by the airlines. Further, you can also determine the Voucher from the list. Moreover, when you have the same, then by using the “manage voucher” feature, you can perform the modification. Thus, the guide for conducting the same can be administered from the following points:-

  • Head to the authenticated site of Aer Lingus
  • From the homepage, choose the support option
  • Later, select “voucher information” from the “booking flexibility” icon.
  • Now, get to the “Using Vouchers” title and select “Manage your Voucher” options
  • From the next tab, choose the required field and submit “Voucher Number” with the PIN. 

How does Aer Lingus Gift Vouchers?

A gift voucher from Aer Lingus is valid for 5 years and can be availed only under certain conditions. Further, when you are competent to have it, it could include chargers, taxes, or the cost of any extra service. Further, the ways you can request an Aer Lingus voucher are displayed at the bottom. 

  • Open Aer Lingus authenticated site 
  • Then after, select booking flexibility form support options 
  • Later on, click on the “Voucher Information” and choose “Request a Refund Voucher” icon 
  • Now, submit the booking reference number with the family name 
  • Further, fill out the form with the necessary information and submit it. 
  • After “reviewing the request,” a confirmation email could be shared
  • Then after, you could receive a “Voucher and PIN” 

Who can apply for an Aer Lingus refund voucher? 

A voucher entitles its holder to have goods for a considerable amount. Further, you can administer the same over Aer Lingus. But these benefits are available in certain competent categories. However, you can acquire the information about the same from below:-

  • When you receive a notification from an airline about the competency for involuntary cancellation and flight change. 
  • If you have added additional flexibility but decided not to travel. 
  • The “refund voucher” must be requested two hours before flight departure. 
  • Only refund vouchers could be appealed if you travel within Europe and have “Advantage or AerSpace fares” or “ Smart, Flex, Business or Business Flex fares” over Transatlantic flights. 

Who is not eligible to apply for a refund voucher on Aer Lingus?

A voucher granted by Aer Lingus could be used for future bookings. But only some travelers can appeal and have the same. Thus, the criteria that disqualify for availing such benefits are as such:-

  • A tier benefits and Aer Club reward reservation could not be eligible for having the same.
  • If you are canceling a round trip or one part of the trip.
  • When you have made a reservation for the group.
  • The travel agent performs a booking.

Final Word

In the end, you can have apposite information related to the refund voucher for Aer Lingus. Further, if there are any issues or you need more information, then you can get through their customer service team.

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