How to Use or Redeem EasyJet Flight Voucher?

When the traveler is not sure about the trip, then it may create a lot of problems. The reason is last minute reservations may come with more expensive, or you might lose the other benefit too. But when you have chosen Easyjet, you can make your trip easy and successful in terms of ticket fare with Easyjet flights voucher. In this, you will be provided with the EasyJet certain time period when you can confirm the reservation.

How many types of vouchers are on EasyJet?

There are two different kinds of a voucher that you can purchase and leverage before they expire. You can learn about them further in this write-up, and the names of the two vouchers are mentioned below.

  • Prepay Voucher
  • Travel Disruption vouchers

You can go with any one of the ones mentioned above, but there are certain conditions that you should know, and then you can make the final choice.

Vouchers Information in Details

Prepay Voucher 

The most used voucher is the "prepay voucher." It is a kind of voucher that you have to purchase in advance, and then you can leverage the other benefits. However, there are certain kinds of availability and uses that you should know. You can read them below.

  • Only those who become the passenger on the selected flight can get this voucher invitation. 
  • There will be different voucher values for the different costs. 
  • Once the person purchases the voucher, they have to carry a hard copy of it when they travel with the selected flights. 
  • The name of the voucher must meet the name of the boarding pass and tickets. If there is any error, then the entire benefit column will be removed, and you have to run the process again. 
  • If the voucher gets exchanged, then you can find that Easyjet retains the voucher. In case of any duplicate or expired voucher, airlines can cancel your membership, and you may not be eligible for a future voucher used for any kind of booking. 
  • Here you have to remember that vouchers can be cancelled or modified at any moment by the airlines. You have to keep updating yourself and check the policy of vouchers, especially before booking. 
  • You can use the voucher only on the routes which provide you with permission to use it. If you try to utilize it for some region, then your request may get declined. 
  • There are some limits to purchasing the voucher with EasyJet. Herewith prepay voucher, you are allowed to take 10 vouchers per flight. So make sure you choose one from this only. 
  • The prepay voucher is allowed to be exchanged with only those products on the list during onboarding. You cannot exchange this with any other products.

Travel Disruption Voucher

It is a kind of voucher that is unique compared to the Prepay voucher. You can read about this below.

  • This flight voucher is valid for 12 months after you have purchased the voucher. 
  • You can redeem your voucher in advance after you select the flight that covers your destination. 
  • Here you are allowed to use the one voucher for a single booking. If you want to use the multiple one, you need to provide a separate code while making the final payment. 
  • If you made any new booking, then the payment should be made in the same currency of the voucher. 
  • It may happen that you have chosen some places where the individual voucher is not valid. It can occur due to various reasons like a sudden change in policies or missed the place to consider. But, you don't have to think too much as here in Travel disruption voucher, you can get a quick refund. With this, you can book a new flight without bearing any hidden charges. 
  • If you get extra from the easy jet, then it will be considered different, and do not mix it up with the Travel disruption voucher. 
  • This travel disruption voucher is not allowed to be refunded except in some cases. You cannot change it for cash. 
  • Once you cross the expiry date of EasyJet, then you will not be going to utilize EasyJet vouchers.

These are the two vouchers that you can utilize and make traveling with Easyjet less hectic. In addition, you can also connect with a support person and get real-time assistance, making this airline more unique. 

How do I get an EasyJet voucher?

There are several conditions to get an EasyJet voucher for your next flight purchase. The airline mainly issued the vouchers for the frequent flyers as a reward. The flight cancellations at EasyJet also avail you of the Voucher worth the paid amount. Or one might purchase the EasyJet voucher online at a cheaper rate and redeem it for their next purchase. 

EasyJet voucher terms and conditions 

The terms and conditions of the EasyJet vouchers are outlined below:

  • One Voucher can be redeemed to book a flight. A person can only apply one Voucher at a time. 
  • The validity of a voucher is 1 year from the date of issue. 
  • The flight ticket must check the conditions of the voucher to be redeemed. 
  • The voucher can be used to make bookings with EasyJet, add assistance or meals, and cannot be used to buy travel insurance or hire a car. 
  • The vouchers can only be applied to the new bookings you made at EasyJet and to add the preferred seat or baggage allowance. 
  • The currency mentioned on your Voucher must be the same as the EasyJet flight booking payment page to redeem the value. 

How to use EasyJet Voucher?

The person who has an EasyJet voucher and wondering to redeem the same can use the following steps to make the booking:

  • First, Navigate the EasyJet’s official page,
  • Then look for the flight you would like to book,
  • Follow the booking procedure and all the additional amenities you want,
  • As you reach the payment page, opt for the “Add Voucher” option,
  • There, you will have to enter the Voucher Code and click in the “Apply Voucher” key,
  • The total fare on the page will be compensated with the voucher value,
  • If needed, you will have to make the balance payment online,
  • As the payment is completed, the booking will be made, and your voucher will be used at EasyJet. 

Can you buy easyJet gift vouchers online? 

If you are thinking of getting your loved ones an EasyJet travel voucher so they can plan a trip of their preference, or you might be wondering to avail of a gift voucher for yourself, you might find an EasyJet voucher online. One may find a voucher to buy on the official site of EasyJet itself or another traveling site. 

How to check EasyJet Flight Voucher Balance?

One can check the balance of the EasyJet flight voucher online using the below prompts:

  • Visit the EasyJet page in the browser,
  • Open the “Flight Info” panel and choose the “Check Voucher Balance” option,
  • Now, in the appeared box, you must add the code of your Voucher,
  • Then tap on the “Check Voucher” button,
  • The available amount of the Voucher will show on the screen with the other details. 

Can I get a refund or Voucher for my easyJet flight?

Yes, EasyJet refunds a flight that is canceled under the fare conditions or might have been canceled by the airline. One can request a travel voucher for their flight while requesting a refund at EasyJet. The Voucher will be issued as per the refund amount. 


If you can get a voucher, you can use the above guide to know how to use EasyJet voucher and the conditions. Redeem the voucher balance for your next travel purchase and enjoy a trip with less spending. 

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