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Vistara Airlines Baggage Allowance and Other Rules

Have you booked your ticket with Vistara Airlines? Are you looking to see the baggage-related rules of the airline to avoid any hassle at the last minute? If you are facing these questions, then the below-mentioned instructions are best suited for you. Vistara Airlines has a flexible baggage policy. Generally, it is provided on its official page. In this article, we get to consider all categories of “Vistara Airlines Baggage allowance.” Therefore, go through the instructions carefully to familiarize with the rule regarding baggage.

Baggage Rules at Vistara Airlines

Customers are required to keep in mind the detailed information regarding the Vistara airline Baggage policy, which we are looking at in the pointers mentioned below:


For this category, customers are only permitted to keep one luggage and one personal bag. Exceeding this limitation might lead to charges.

Check-in Baggage:

For Checked-in-baggage, customers are needed to follow the dimensions which we are discussing below.

Excess Baggage:

For excess baggage, customers are required to pay according to charge rules at the airport. Generally, it differs according to the geographical location.

Sports items:

Some sports items cannot be considered Ashland luggage in the case of Vistara airlines. Therefore, they are only deemed to be checked in baggage, and customers must pay the additional charges for them.

Look at the Various types of Baggage Allowances with Rules

As we know that there are types of various of baggage with the passengers. They are required to know about the rules related to them. In the below-mentioned detailed instructions, we get to see the specific “Vistara airlines baggage allowance” & restrictions about all types of baggage:

Hand Baggage

  • If we see the hand baggage allowance for different classes, it is 7Kg for Economy,10Kg for Premium Economy,12kg for business class.
  • Dimensions should be within the limits of (55.40.20)cm.
  • Children are also required to follow the same baggage allowance as adults.
  • Carrycots & Fully collapsible strollers must be checked in at the airport.
  • One thing is essential to consider that with one piece of hand baggage; customers can take these personal items like Ladies handbag, Overcoat, Camera, Walking stick, Laptop, etc.

Hand Baggage cannot be accepted if it comes under these categories:

  • The baggage is unsuitable for the air carriage due to the limitations of weight, size & nature.
  • Baggage cannot be fit under the seat.
  • It is not packed appropriately.

Check-in Baggage

We know that baggage that crosses the size & Expectations of hand Baggage is required to be checked-in. The maximum permissible weight is 32kg for all the cabin classes. In the below-mentioned pointers, we get to see check-in baggage allowance for different countries:

Check-in baggage is not permitted if it comes under this category:

  • Check-in Baggage must not exceed the sum of dimensions of 158cm.
  • For CV Silver, Gold & Platinum, there can be extra luggage of 5Kg,10kg & 15Kg, respectively. These weight limits are valid for both domestic & international flights.

Excess Baggage

  • That baggage that crossed the allowance limits to the fare category will be charged as excess baggage.
  • For travel within India, the excess baggage charges are INR 500 for all Premium, Economy & Business classes.
  • Extra Baggage charges at the other regions are USD12 for all premium, Economy & Business classes.
  • Excess Baggage charges for London, Frankfurt, and the different areas are USD100 for all Premium, Economy & business classes.

Lost Damaged or Delayed Baggage

The management of Vistara airlines maintains that the baggage of passengers reaches safely at the destination. However, in case if the baggage is not received, then contact Vistara personnel.

Damaged Baggage

  • Luggage is well-designed to protect the content in it. While the ordinary course of handling, there can be minor cuts, scratches others which generally do not decrease the functionality of the luggage.
  • The oversized/overpacked baggage damaged it.
  • Items are fragile.
  • That baggage which has manufacturing defects

Interline Baggage Allowance

Free Baggage Allowance will be given to the customers making domestic to international or international to domestic between the Vistara& an interline partner. For this, the customers are required to go through specific conditions.

If the connection to the international flight on one single document:

Suppose the customers travel only with the Vistara airline from domestic to international destinations or vice versa based on a single document. In that case, they can give the same baggage allowance as mentioned on the international ticket.

If the connection to international flight on the separate document:

  • In this scenario, the baggage allowance which is shown on the ticket gets apply to the trip. The baggage allowance mentioned on the ticket for the Vistara segment will be applicable for that segment.
  • Any excess weight shall be charged as excess baggage.

Vistara Airlines Baggage Fee Info

  • If we see the costs related to the Vistara airlines baggage, then the customers are needed to look out the points which we are providing below:
  • For excess baggage at the airport to travel within India, it is INR500 per kg for the premium, Economy & Business class.
  • Charges for excess Baggage at Bangkok, Columbia, Dhaka, and others are USD 12 for all premium, Economy & Business classes.
  • Charges the airport of London, Frankfurt, and others USD100 for all premium, Economy, and business class.

Baggage Restrictions at Vistara Airlines

To make a trip enjoyable, it is essential to look out for the limits in Baggage policy. So go through the pointers efficiently:

Dangerous Goods

  • There is no place for sharp objects like Box cutters, Meat cleavers, etc.
  • Some sporting goods only get through Checked-in Baggage like Baseball bats, Cricket bats, and others.
  • There is a complete restriction for firearms.
  • Passengers cannot carry tools with them.
  • Battery cells in any of the electric or electrical items are not allowed.
  • Medication, essential documents, and valuable items & Cash should be in the cabin luggage.
  • In case if you are carrying any arms or explosives, then declare it.

Banned items

At Vistara airways, customers are not allowed to carry the banned items, which we are listing out below:

  • Sharp objects.
  • Guns & Firearms.
  • Self-defense items.
  • Explosive materials.
  • Compressed gases.
  • Flammable items.
  • Oxidizing materials and clothes.

After reading these detailed instructional guidelines about the “Vistara airlines baggage allowance” and all the concepts related to the baggage, generally, as we have discussed the customer-oriented policies, they must keep concerned of these rules much before the trip. If you have additional queries, you can get professional assistance from the live representatives at Vista airlines customer service.

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