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Baggage Policy at Qantas Airways: Complete Info

Traveling with Qantas Airways and looking for their baggage policy? Well, you are in the right place. Qantas Airways baggage policy provides all the relevant information to its passengers regarding the baggage allowance. Read ahead to know about the baggage policy at Qantas airways and plan your trip accordingly.

Qantas Airways Baggage Policy

It is crucial to know about the airline's baggage policy in which you have your flight reservations. Check out all the category-wise information related to the baggage policy in the next section.

Carry-on baggage policy

Your carry-on bags should be in a size that fit below the seat in front of you. You can also keep them in the overhead lockers.

Baggage allowance for Australian domestic flights

  • For domestic flights except for Dash 8 services:

For one bag: 1 x 115cm (56cm + 36cm + 23cm) and up to 10kgs.

For two bags: 2 x 105cm (48cm + 34cm + 23cm)

One-piece up to 10kgs (14kgs total)

  • For domestic flights with Dash 8 services:

1 x 105cm (48cm + 34cm + 23cm) and up to 7kgs.

Baggage allowance for international flights

  • For First-class, Business class, and Premium Economy

For one bag: 1 x 115cm (56cm + 36cm + 23cm) and up to 10kgs.

For two bags: 2 x 105cm (48cm + 34cm + 23cm)

One-piece up to 10kgs (14kgs total)

  • For Economy class:

1 x 115cm (56cm + 36cm+ 23cm) up to 7kgs.

Checked Baggage Policy

Baggage allowance for domestic flights

  • The maximum weight limit for a single bag is 32 kgs.
  • The maximum linear dimensions for a single bag is 158 cm.
  • For Economy class, one bag up to 23kg is allowed.
  • For Business class, two items up to 32 kg are allowed.

Baggage allowance for international flights

  • The maximum weight limit for a single item is 32 kgs.
  • The maximum linear dimensions for a single item is 158 cm.
  • For Economy class, two bags up to 23kg each are allowed.
  • For Premium Economy class, two bags up to 23kg each are allowed.
  • For Business class, three items up to 32 kg each are allowed.
  • For First-class, three items up to 32 kg each are allowed.

Restricted items at Qantas Airways

Below are some of the Qantas airways baggage restrictions that the airlines term as dangerous items. The list of these restricted items are:

  • Firecrackers and party-poppers
  • Oil paints, diesel and petrol
  • Gas canister (more than 50mL)
  • Insecticides and Pesticides
  • Mace and Pepper sprays
  • Firearms, weapons, and gun powder
  • Bleach and other toxic chemicals
  • Motorbike and car batteries

Delayed and Damaged policy at Qantas

  • In case you do not receive your checked baggage on arrival, move to the baggage services counter at the local airports and lodge a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) with the airline.
  • For damaged checked baggage, lodge a damaged baggage report at the baggage service counter before leaving the airport.
  • In case you have left the airport, fill the customer care form and report your issues.

Excess Baggage charges at Qantas

For domestic flights

  • Extra $100 for each extra item.
  • $50 charges for an item weighing over 23 kgs.

For international flights

  • For North and South America, $200 for an extra piece and $85 as excess weight fee.
  • From $5 to $80 depending on the distance from Australia to the other place.

Special items policy at Qantas

In the Qantas airways baggage allowance policy, there is a list of special items that you can carry after taking permission from the airlines. Here it is:

  • Medical equipment, instruments, and specimen
  • Wheelchair and stretchers
  • Mobility aids, toiletries, and personal items
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Smart bags, power banks, or other battery-operated devices


Traveling with Qantas Airways can be a good option due to its affordable flight fares, well-descriptive policies, and outstanding in-flight facilities. This article provides all the information related to the baggage policy at Qantas. Therefore, with a clear and comprehensive Qantas airways baggage allowance policy, you can plan a trip accordingly and have an experience worth remembering.


What is the baggage allowance for Qantas?

For domestic flights: 1 bag for Economy class and 2 bags for Business class

For international flights: 2 bags for Economy and Premium Economy and 3 bags for Business and First class

Do you get a free checked bag with Qantas?

Yes, the passengers with a frequent flyer program can have a free checked bag at Qantas.

Can I bring a backpack and a carry on Qantas?

Yes, you can carry a personal bag with a carry-on bag.

How strict is Qantas with carry on baggage?

Yes, Qantas Airways strictly follow the Qantas airways baggage policy.

How do I get free baggage on Qantas?

Yes, you can get free baggage by subscribing to a Qantas Frequent Flyer Program or Club membership.

How much does Qantas charge for extra baggage?

For a domestic flight, it is around $100. For an international flight, it is $200.

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