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A Detailed Guide about Baggage Allowance at Kenya Airways!

Kenya Airways is the flag carrier airline of Kenya and is known to serve its services in many scenic destinations. A traveler can compare and get the best possible flight booking deals on Kenya Airways to lead a comfortable journey. The baggage policy of Kenya Airways is very flexible and caters to passengers flying with Kenya Airways.

The best thing to notice about Kenya Airways is the baggage allowances as one can take carry-ons and other additional baggage with them. This article can help you understand the Kenya Airways Baggage Allowance a little better. But if you need any other assistance, consider contacting the Kenya Airways customer service team.

Baggage Allowance Terms and Conditions at Kenya Airways

Baggage allowance deals and information mentioned further are subject to all the aircraft operating under Kenya Airways. So, before you check-in with your baggage, you need to be precise with various baggage allowances introduced by Kenya Airways to make your journey smoother and untroubled. Keep in mind that if you are booked with a partner airline of Kenya Airways, there might be some changes and differences in the terms and conditions related to the baggage allowance. In this part, you will get all the necessary details about the various baggage allowance and some restrictions situated with them-

Hand Baggage

  • If you are traveling in a business class of Kenya Airways, you can carry a handbag, backpack, briefcase, camera, laptop, and a duty-free shopping bag allowed per passenger. 
  • A passenger can carry two pieces of baggage satisfying the standard measurement of maximum extent L55cm, W25cm, H35cm, each followed by one accessory.
  • The hand baggage must not weigh any more than 39 lbs as decided by Kenya Airways.
  • Now, if you are traveling in an Economy Class, you are allowed to carry one piece, and an accessory of the exact standard measured by the baggage should not weigh more than 17 lbs in total.
  • If you are traveling with an infant of more than two years of age, you are allowed to carry a piece of cabin baggage weighing not more than 12 kgs and standard measurement of L55cm, W25cm, H35cm.
  • If any passenger faces any additional baggage allowance restrictions at the time of boarding, the traveler can carry the allowed baggage without paying any extra charges; the condition here is the baggage must suffice standard length and size given by the airline.

Special Baggage

Special baggage is called so because of the particular terms and conditions imposed on them. So, if you are likely to carry a piece of special baggage with you, then you might want to read the following points:

  • As per the Kenya Airways Baggage Allowance, special baggage is allowed only if the carriage policy is applied efficiently.
  • Kenya Airways allows you to make prior reservations if you are likely to carry special baggage on your journey.
  • If the airline accepts your baggage, ensure that it is packed properly so that it can be handled ordinarily and does not require any extra care.
  • The acceptance of a piece of special baggage depends very much on the capacity of the aircraft. If your baggage does not fit right in one airline, then you might be able to continue your journey carrying that particular baggage.
  • The CSA is obliged to confirm the PNR of the concerned passenger to verify the special baggage at the time of booking. 

Delayed, Lost, and Damaged

In case of delayed, lost, or damaged baggage, a traveler must immediately contact the customer relations service of Kenya Airways.

  • The airline strives to provide immediate assistance with your trouble. You might have to provide the baggage details as straightforward as possible to make it easier for the customer service department to understand.
  • The representative will give you a unique reference number which you need to keep safe until the next heads up from the airline. The number can help you track your lost baggage online by visiting the official Kenya Airways website.
  • If you face delayed baggage, the airline provides the best possible arrangements to get it delivered to the address registered from your side.
  • If you need compensation, you must give a piece of written information about your baggage and other details related to it within one week of your arrival at the Kenya Airways airport.

Pet Carriage

If you wish to carry your four-legged friends with you on Kenya Airways, keep in mind the Kenya Airways Baggage Allowance for pets-

  • Live animals must be consigned as cargo only if a traveler wishes to continue with Kenya Airways.
  • As per the updated policies at Kenya Airways, dogs transporting from high-risk countries are allowed to enter the United States of America only through some permitted airports. You can find the names and locations of these airports on the official Kenya Airways webpage for pet carriage.
  • Also, this policy stays valid for all the reservations made from July 14, 2021, to October 14, 2021.

You can contact the KQ Cargo service center line to know more about the pet allowance and baggage allowances.

Baggage Fare and Charges at Kenya Airways

Take a look at the given baggage charges and fares applicable for extra pieces of bags at Kenya Airways based on the location of your boarding:

  • If you are traveling from Africa to America, you are subject to pay around $200 if you exceed the standard weight limit by 23 kgs.
  • If your flight is routing between Africa and the Middle East(except India), you need to pay $225 if you exceed the weight of your baggage by 23 kgs.
  • $50 is the chargeable amount to exceed the baggage limit by 25 kgs between Africa and the 5th Freedom sectors.
  • But, if you are making an advance purchase for your excess baggage, you might be able to enjoy a flat 20% discount on the purchase.

What are the baggage restrictions at Kenya Airways?

There are some restrictions and prohibitions imposed by Kenya Airways to maintain a safe environment for fellow travelers. You are not allowed to carry-

  • Explosives, ammunition, fireworks, and flares
  • Lithium batteries or pyrotechnics
  • Flammable, non-flammable, or poisonous compressed gases like butane, propane, or refills
  • Paints and adhesives 
  • Arsenic, cyanides or insecticides, and radioactive batteries 
  • Corrosive materials such as mercury, acids, alkalis, and wet cell batteries 

These are some prohibitions that travelers must keep themselves from carrying otherwise the airline might take stringent action against them. So, if you wish to lead on an untroubled journey, you must abide by all the Kenya Airways Baggage Allowance terms and conditions. Also, if you face any trouble checking in your baggage, consider talking to the Kenya Airways customer service team to get prompt assistance.

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