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Baggage Policy at Hawaiian Airlines

Traveling with Hawaiian Airlines can be a good option due to its cheap fares and customer-oriented policies. Whether it is cancellation policy or a baggage policy, Hawaiian Airlines charge fees that are comparatively average and affordable. In this article, you will learn about the Hawaiian airlines baggage policy and the related FAQs.

Carry-on Baggage policy at Hawaiian Airlines

All the passengers can carry a personal item without paying any fee. However, the bag should be small enough to get fit under the seat.
You can have a standard carry-on bag free of cost.
The size and weight dimensions allowed for the standard carry-on bags should not exceed 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches and 25 pounds.

Carry-On Policy for Lap Infant

  • There will be no carry-on allowance for an infant.
  • You can carry small and foldable strollers if they meet the requirements of a carry-on baggage policy.
  • Checked Baggage allowance at Hawaiian Airlines
  • The maximum weight allowed is 50 pounds or 70 pounds based on the ticket type on checked bags.
  • The maximum linear dimensions allowed is 62 inches.
  • Baggage exceeding a maximum of 100 pounds is not acceptable.
  • Bags exceeding 80 linear inches are unacceptable.

Checked baggage fees at Hawaiian Airlines

  • 1st bag fee will be $25 and $30 for the neighboring island and North America, respectively.
  • 2nd bag fee will be $35 and $40 for the neighboring island and North America, respectively.
  • For the international flights, the ticket fare will include the 1st and 2nd baggage fees.
  • 3rd baggage fee will be $50, $100, and $150 for flights to neighboring islands, North American, and international destinations, respectively.

Restricted items in Hawaiian airlines baggage policy

  • Firearms, weapons, and ammunition
  • Self-defense sprays such as pepper or mace sprays
  • Stun guns, tasers, or shocking devices
  • Inflammable, fireworks, and explosive items
  • Radioactive, oxidizing, and corrosive substances
  • Infectious or biohazardous elements
  • Fuel, stove, or fuel canisters
  • Beverages and drinks that contain more than 70% alcohol by volume
  • Reptiles, live fishes, and other aquatic animals

Special items at Hawaiian Airlines

  • Such items can be packed in a standard suitcase and need permission from the airline's security checks.
  • You can carry special items by paying the same fee as stated in Hawaiian airlines baggage policy.
  • Baggage weight allowance is the same as that of the checked bags.
  • Special items can be ammunition, firearms, fragile items, etc., you need to declare them all before check-in.


What is the Hawaiian airlines baggage allowance?

Ans. Maximum size dimensions (length + width + height) allowed is : 62 linear inches (157 cm) and Maximum Weight allowed is: 50 lbs. (23kg)

Do you get a free checked bag with Hawaiian Airlines?

You can get a free checked bag if you:

  • If you are a Pualani Club or Pualani Gold member
  • If you have a first-class ticket
  • If you are an active or retired military official

Can I bring a backpack and a carry on Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Yes, each traveler can have one personal item and one carry-on bag.

Does Hawaiian Airlines weigh carry-on baggage?

Mostly yes, although the main focus is on the checked bags. The security mainly examines the dimensions of the carry-on bags suitable to be fit under the seats.

How strict is Hawaiian Airlines with a carry-on baggage policy?

The Hawaiian airlines baggage allowance for the standard carry-on bags is 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches and 25 pounds. If the dimensions exceed these limits, you have to pay the checked baggage fee for the same.

How do I get free baggage on a Hawaiian Airlines flight?

You can upgrade your tickets to the Premier Club, Pualani Club, or Pualani Gold member to get complimentary bags on your flight.

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