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Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance and Other Luggage Policy

Before boarding a flight with Ethiopian Airlines, the passenger must be well aware of the fact that number of Baggage they are supposed to carry along while boarding a flight with the Ethiopian airlines they do provide the guidelines through which you will come to know what is the policy of the Ethiopian airlines and how many Baggage you are supposed to carry along with you. 

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Policy

As per the guidelines of the baggage policy of Ethiopian Airlines, if you have carry-on Baggage, delayed - lost or damaged Baggage, Restricted items, Free baggage, Excess and special baggage allowance. The airline ticket price includes the transportation of a certain amount of Baggage. The amount differs, which is entirely dependent upon the booking class and the destination. Excess Baggage that exceeds the limit of the free baggage allowance which is allowed by the Ethiopian airlines and for that you have to pay an extra fee.

As far as cabin baggage is concerned, one Bag of 7 kg for the economy class and two bags of 8 kgs for business class. Passengers can carry the following personal items in the luggage provided. The total weight does not exceed 5kg per person items such as lady handbag, miniature camera, overcoat, or wrap. You are supposed to carry checked free baggage allowance, up to economy two pieces, each with the maximum weight of 23 kgs. Cloud nine, which is up to 2 pieces each with the total weight of the weight 32kgs. (70 Ibs ) . Certain measurements or weights that you are supposed to carry along with you while boarding a flight with Ethiopian airlines should always be kept in mind, and being a passenger, it's important to always stay careful before boarding a flight.

Various Baggage Allowances with Rules

The maximum weight per single Bag would be 32 kgs for the business class, 23 for the economy class.

Carry on allowances

Business Class: For the business class, up to two pieces, each with a maximum weight of 7 kgs. Carry on luggage usually are handbags the ones you can easily carry along with you, and usually, airlines do not charge to its passengers as they are light weighted and do not charge much from the passenger such baggage can be stored under the airlines seats or while deboarding a flight you can easily get a clear check on the carry on allowances.

Economic Class: 1 piece with the maximum weight of 7kgs and the maximum sum of dimensions equivalent to 118 cms.

Passengers do carry free of charge items of personal effects for use in flight.

  • A handbag (laptop bag )pocket or purse.
  • A small camera / Pair of binoculars.
  • Infant's carrying basket.

Checked Baggage Allowance

For the economy: Which is up to 2 pieces, each with the maximum weight of 23 kgs and sum of dimensions.

Delayed lost or Damaged Baggage

If your Baggage has not been delivered to you, then you can easily report it as delayed online by filling the lost baggage Inventory form, which is very much available in the link. If any delay has happened due to the fact, Ethiopian airlines regret the delay in tracing your Baggage. Airlines officials will make sure they will make every effort to locate or restore your Bag. As per the policy, the total period is 25 days from the date of the incident.

Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage means Baggage that exceeds the limit of the free baggage allowance allowed by the Ethiopian airlines and for which you have to pay extra fees, therefore, to be paid. If you are carrying excess Baggage for the economy class, pieces are up to 2 pieces each with the maximum weight of 23 kgs. If the limit exceeds, that will be termed as excess Baggage.

Free allowance baggage

The baggage allowance is the amount of luggage the aviation company will allow as per the passenger. There may be limits on the amount permitted free of charge and hard limits on the amount allowed. The ticket price also includes the transportation of a certain amount of Baggage, which is the aircraft's cargo hold. The allowance differs, which entirely depends upon the booking class and its destination.

General Information:-

  • The maximum baggage weight limit in the single Bag is 32 kgs.
  • The total sum of each dimension of the (length + width + height ) must not exceed 158 cms. 
  • Baggage will be accepted for the check-in only if it properly contains and prevents damage to the contents. Paper Bags and similar nondurable materials are not acceptable. If a passenger insists, It shall be accepted upon using limited release Tags. 
  • As per policy, acceptance of policy that may cause damage to the other Baggage will be refused unless it is not packed correctly or adequately maintained.

Restricted Items

For our passenger, crew, and aircraft safety, ensure you don't pack items specified in your carry-on or checked Baggage. There are few items which are restricted items that are prohibited while boarding a flight with Ethiopian Airlines.

  • Dry Cell Batteries.
  • Knives, Scissors, swiss army knives, and other sharp instruments. 
  • Toy replicas of firearms and ammunition.
  • Weapons such as whips, nunchakus, batons, or stun guns. 
  • Aerosols and liquids. 
  • Acids, Poisons toxic, Flammable liquid, Explosives, Bleach, scissors.

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Fees

As per Ethiopian Airlines, It's entirely dependent upon which Ethiopian airlines have baggage fees.

  • First Checked Bag - 30 dollars. Its fees do vary, which has a maximum Size (Length .+ Weight + Height ) 
  • Second Checked Bag - 45 dollars Maximum size limit would be 62 (L+W+H).
  • Third, checked Baggage - 150 fees at times over and above. The maximum size would be 62.
  • Fourth checked Bag - 200 dollars over and above, which has a maximum size would be 62.

Baggage fees depend entirely upon the type of Baggage you are carrying along with you. It provides the assistance you wish to have at any given point by contacting the office of Ethiopian Airlines. It's mandatory to go through Ethiopian Airlines baggage terms and conditions that will act as guidelines for the passengers who wish to travel with Ethiopian airlines. It's essential to know about the amount of luggage you are supposed to carry along with you while boarding a flight with Ethiopian airlines. The above-written methods will guide you about how Ethiopian Airlines has different baggage policies and how much Baggage you are supposed to carry while boarding a flight with Ethiopian Airlines. 

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