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Let’s Know the Baggage Policy of Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines provides a great flight booking service at an affordable cost with its significant facilities of baggage policy. It also provides a great service to choose the best class of booking and get ready to select the best seat to reserve in advance. There are most of the passengers who consider this Airline perfect in many ways during the flight journey. Therefore, if you are looking for the Copa Airlines baggage policy, you need to read this page carefully to obtain the complete information with regards to carry-on and checked baggage, restrictions, and sports equipment baggage and delay, damage, or missing items in an appropriate manner.

Copa Airlines Carry on Baggage Policy Guide

Copa Airlines allows to you carry special baggage as personal items that you can bring with you into the aircraft cabin which must be fitted easily in the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you. It is important to read the policy to learn everything before choosing the right baggage while traveling on the flight of Copa Airlines.

Baggage size:

You can carry only two Bags of 23 KG in the Economy class free but if you are having extra more than three, you have to pay some extra charges. All baggage exceeding piece limitation, maximum weight, or size, and dimensions will be transported under the Copa Airlines Carry-on baggage subject to space availability in the Aircraft with eases.

Personal items:

  • Backpack,
  • A Purse.
  • Food to be eaten onboard aircraft.
  • A briefcase.
  • A Laptop bag, etc.

In the domestic and international flight service of Copa Airlines, you need to check out the weight, dimension, and length under the carry-on language that should not be exceeded more than 118 cm in liner inches. A carry-on bag is a type of luggage travellers that allowed taking into an airplane.

In Domestic and International flights there are different types of passengers who are required 10 KG bag in the economy and business class such as

  • PreferMember Silver,
  • PreferMember Presidential,
  • PreferMember Platinum,
  • PreferMember Gold, so on.

Fee Info:

A number of bags that are within the weight and size limitations come at no cost. However, each piece of the bag can measure up to 62 inches in height, length, width and not including wheels. But if it exceeds including all classes then its Copa Airlines baggage fee would be $40 to $175 per head.

Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Policy Guide

Copa Airlines makes you active to choose the best-checked baggage for your trip and its including fee might be applied in case you carry extra bag, overweight or oversize. You also need to take care of the restriction during baggage embargo time.

Let’s read the important points for the checked baggage size:

  • You can go for all checked baggage with correct measure up to 62 inches in the combined liner of Height+ Length + Width.
  • Your baggage should not be exceeded more than 159 inches in combined linear measurement in the business class.
  • If you are having baggage with wheels is not included in the linear measurement of the suitcase.

Fee info:

If you are having oversized and overweight bags you have to pay USD 100 to USD 200 per head. In the international flight you might get fee info $40 to $175 per head in the Economy and business class certainly.

Copa Airlines Baggage Restrictions Guide

There are some of the baggage restrictions that are most important to understand. You can choose many common items that can be very dangerous in flight. You need to notice some of the baggage that is not allowed under the Copa Airlines Carry-on baggage as follows.

  • Electronic Cigarettes.
  • Fragile elements and glass objects.
  • Gas Cylinders.
  • Heat producing items.
  • Human remains.
  • Camping stoves and fuel containers and so on.

So if you are avoiding these above-mentioned items and going to travel with Copa Airlines, you need to go for the Copa Airlines Baggage Allowance that instructs you to carry some of the useful baggage to make your flight journey more comfortable forever.

Copa Airlines Sports Equipment as a Baggage

Copa Airlines is most brilliant in terms of providing a great equipment policy, which is dividing it into two categories small sports equipment and large sports equipment. You can connect with the Miles Prefer Member and Star Alliance Gold passengers that may check sports equipment as part of their luggage lower weight and over-size fee that never applies. There are most of the passengers who exceed the number of items in their luggage allowance that will be required to pay the fee of USD 150.00 per item of sports that you can carry in the aircraft with ease.

Small Sports Equipment:

Such kind of equipment might be transported according to our luggage policy as part of the passenger’s luggage allowance. It offers an allowance for the weight, size, and number of items of luggage. In case you have earned Connect Miles Prefer Member and Star Airlines Gold passengers exceeding the number of items in their luggage allowance that are required to pay the fee of USD 150 to USD175.

Let’s check out the list of small sports equipment list:

  • Archery Equipment.
  • Bowling Equipment.
  • Fishing Equipment.
  • Paintball Equipment.
  • Golf Equipment and so on.

Large Sports Equipment:

If you are with the large sports equipment, it could be transported on international and domestic flights for a fee of USD 150 and choose the best luggage that you want to carry in the aircraft. It also associated with the Connect Miles that comes to Prefer Member and Start Alliance Gold passenger may check large sports equipment as a part of their luggage allowance that exceeds that number of the items to carry in the large sports equipment.

Let’s check out the large sports equipment list:

  • Dividing Equipment.
  • Inflatable Kayaks.
  • Pole valuating Equipment and so on.

Copa Airlines Delayed, Damaged and Missing Items

If you have completed your journey and waiting for your baggage, you need to be sure that your baggage is not delayed, Damaged, and missed. However, after deboarding in case you find your baggage delay, damage, or missing, you can file a complaint the Copa Airlines customer service that is available to help you and also teach you a great Copa Airlines Baggage Policy that makes you quite active to find the claim as showing down.


  • In case your baggage is showing delay you need to check your ticket and read on the delivery status for your baggage first of all.
  • You need to enter the file reference number and name into the given box that you can see on your ticket when you find your baggage is a delay.
  • You can simply file a claim about the delay, damage, or missing on its booking website and select the booking details to choose the reservation center to find help instantly.
  • You can report the items for missing or damaged on board the aircraft and enter the complete details of the booking so that you can find an amazing trick to find compensation.
  • You need to lodge the complaint within 7 days after the flight's arrival and keep on an update for the missing items that you can find certainly on the baggage service office soon.

If you want to know more about your Copa Airlines checked baggage and looking for assistance in many ways, you are always free to contact our customer representative team that is available to help you at any time.

How much does it cost to check a bag on Copa?

The baggage fee may vary depending on the type of fare class, frequent flyer status and route of the journey.

  • The checked baggage size should not exceed the 158 cm (height + width + length) limit.
  • Checked baggage size between 159 cm and 294 cm will be considered as excess baggage.
  • If the size of a bag exceeds the 294 cm scale then it will be transported to the cargo section and will not be considered as baggage.
  • Wheels of the bags are excluded from the measurement scale.

Copa baggage fees

Oversize baggage fees

If the size is more than 158 cm then there will be a baggage fee of USD 150 that a passenger will have to pay.

Overweight baggage fees

If the weight of a bag is between 24 = kg and 32 kg then the passenger needs to pay a baggage fee of USD 100. If the weight is more than 33 kg but less than 45 kg then the baggage fee will be USD 200.

Does Copa give free checked bag?

Copa Airlines allows a checked baggage of a size not more than 158 cm i.e. 62 inches. If the allowed checked baggage limit is exceeded then the passenger needs to pay a baggage fee for carrying the bag. For business class passengers and international flights the airline allows 2 checked bags for each passenger.

How many bags can you take on a Copa flight?

A passenger is allowed to carry 3 bags on a flight with Copa Airlines. If the limit is exceeded then the passenger needs to pay a Copa baggage fees which varies depending on the size of the extra baggage, weight of the baggage and the type of ticket a passenger has.

Can I check a bag with Copa basic economy?

For basic economy fare type Copa Airlines allow a checked bag of 23 kg i.e. 1 x 50 pound for both domestic and International flights. If the limit is exceeded then the passenger has to pay a baggage fee which will remain between USD 100 and USD 200.

Can you check more than 2 bags on Copa?

Copa Airlines allows 2 checked bags for Business class on all flights and for economy class on international flights. If the baggage limit is exceeded then the passenger will have to pay an additional baggage fee. The additional baggage fee remains between USD 40 and USD 175.

Can you pay cash for the Copa baggage fee?

Copa Airlines allows its passengers to pay the baggage fee using a credit card, debit card, cash, or through different online payment modes.

The excess baggage payment cannot be done in advance. You need to visit the airport for the Copa baggage fees payment on the actual day of departure. For more details about it, you can contact the customer care service of Copa Airlines.

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