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British Airways Baggage Policy, Fees and Allowance

Baggages is the most common accessory for the passenger while they travel. For traveling on long routes passengers need to carry some needed items like clothes, slippers, food items, etc. For that, they need to have to carry those materials in a bag that must be spacious.

Luggage can be defined in many different categories in different styles & in sizes. That may consist of bags, cases, containers which carry the traveler’s personal items. There are most common types of suitcases that are in tradition & those are listed below;

  • Soft side Luggage
  • Two wheeled luggage
  • Rolling suitcases
  • Backpacks
  • Duffle Bags

And there are a lot of different categories in the luggage, which suits the passengers while they travel for their trip. If you see different kinds of suitcases then they all come in different kinds of sizes for the suitcase. And the sizes are in terms of 21”, 25”, 28” & sometimes 31”, is also the criteria. And it is recommended that it is better to shop from the real market & not from the online store, as this facility will help the buyer to check the baggage properly before purchasing.

Types of Luggage with their Policies

The luggage has been made for the solution for easy carrying of supplies & food during travel. There are different kinds of luggage that have been defined below;

  • Wheeled Duffle: this kind of luggage was designed because if any time you are out of baggage space, then this kind of duffle bag is very helpful. These kinds of bags are very light in weight & make your travel easier. Duffel bag resembles other luggage carrying bags but sized from 30 inches to approximately 36 inches in height. The materials that are used in making duffel bags are very strong rip-stop nylon or ballistic nylon, & the internal pockets are made up of mesh.
  • Wheeled Luggage: this kind of bag is designed for people who travel for personal reasons or on a business trip. This bag contains many pockets that can hold medications, clothes & toiletries, etc. It has features like the reflective strap that increases the visibility when it’s dark, extra handles that help in grabbing the bag without breaking, treaded wheels that can easily move on rough trains. Size ranges from 18 to 32 inches high. The material that is used to make this bag is tarpaulin that is PVC-free & weatherproof.
  • Carry-on luggage: is designed for the convenience of the passenger. This carry-on luggage comes in various colors & in sizes. Their styles are made as per the customer view for attraction & this luggage is perfect for both short- term & for long term trips. Carry-on luggage material is made up of a polyester-nylon combination.

British Airways baggage allowances?

Baggage allowance is the capacity, that how much one traveler can carry luggage while their tour. The baggage allowance system depends upon your ticket, class, & club membership. As for the handbags & laptop bags passengers are allowed to carry them with them in the cabin.

As per the rules every piece of luggage must not be larger than 90cm*75cm*43cm. And also the weight of each luggage should be around 23kg to 32kg that depends on your travel. As for the British Airways baggage allowance, the luggage must be 32 kg, but if it exceeds then heavy baggage will be charged as per the weight age. In business class, the passengers do not have to pay the extra charges because they get a discount for their extra luggage.

As for the baggage allowance if the passenger is carrying any musical instrument or sports Equipment, & as far as the weight is under the specified dimensions, then you can include that item into your check-in luggage & you have to tell about it in advance to the airlines.

Sports equipment, musical instruments, banned and restricted items, delayed baggage?

If you are traveling with British airways then you should know the rules & regulations that have been made by them. And you should also know the items that you must not carry in the checked bag. And listed below are some of the items that are specified that might not be in the bag;

  • All the items related to medication
  • Items that are like electronics, laptops, tablets & e-reader
  • Valuable items like jewelry, cash, etc
  • Passport & other essential documents
  • Chemical items, sharp objects
  • Blunt instruments, security type cases
  • Explosives & flammable substances & devices
  • Firearms & ammunition

So, these are some of the items that have been banned by British airways & some of the sports items are allowed but some are banned because they can be used as a weapon. So the passenger must keep in mind while traveling that these all items are strictly prohibited by British airways.

How much does extra baggage cost on British airways?

If the passengers want to take extra luggage with them on British airways, then they have to pay some extra amount or the charges for extra luggage they want to carry. For an extra per piece of item, the charges are $36 to $120 these charges are imposed for extra luggage booked online. And in case you want to book extra luggage from the airport counter then the charges may differ accordingly & may they will be around $40 to $140. And in case the bag is overweight then the passenger has to around $65 per bag. So, carrying extra luggage may cost you more than your flight ticket.

Hence, now for further information related to British airways baggage policy, then you must call the customer service representative that will provide with the baggage policy of British airways or you can also get the knowledge about it on the official website of the airline, where you have the option to chat with a live person at British airways, or you can get the mail id from the site & ask for the baggage policy or about the query that you want to clear by the help of customer service executive. And the services are available 24*7 to get your query resolved at any time by British airways.

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